4 thoughts on “What are you doing today?”

  1. I never realised you were a headbanger 🙂

    Unfortunately I’m off to work again….200 mile round trip, so I won’t even be fit to watch the fuck a ducks by the time I get home!

    However, I’ll still make time to check up on my favourite lady 🙂


  2. Dear Miss Hybrid,

    I will be doing what I have been doing, ever since I first stumbled into your world. I will be trying to increase the size of my wanger. Whatever I do, it appears to have no affect. Of course it likes all the attention it is getting, but alas the bugger won’t grow.

    The only thing I should add is, your assistance makes it fun.

  3. What am I doing today? Trying to keep myself busy but constantly being distracted to your website which just frustrates my stiffness! I think I need a seesion in hybrid’s dungeon to concentrate the mind and worship your beauty!!

  4. I am thinking about banging Lucy whilst you are watching us. Would you not be jealous of me?

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