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Failed To Attend, Extra Sand And No Lube

Failed To Attend, Extra Sand And No Lube

I was eagerly awaiting a new victim. I wore stiletto heels, FF stockings and had everything prepared. My favourite strap on was ready, along with lube and sand in case of disobedience.

Guess what, the phone rings,”Sorry Miss Hybrid, I can’t make it today, can I come tomorrow” whispered a feeble voice.

“Yes, no problem” I replied. Putting the phone down, I put the lube back in the cabinet, as I knew that tomorrow I would not be needing any, the sand would do fine.

Failed To Attend, Extra Sand And No Lube, Mistress, Miss Hybrid, femdom, domination

Do not keep me waiting.

Miss Hybrid

Come and see me now

Who needs kicking into shape then? Mistress Hybrid at the ready….

Employment opportunity, full, on the job training will be provided. I want a new general dogsbody, as my PA, Felix is useless. I am looking for someone I can kick into shape with my stiletto boots and boss around.   Your duties will include pool cleaning, no experience necessary, just look for the puddles on the floor!

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