The Beginnings of my Twisted Life

I used to be Daddy’s girl but now I’m a sex crazed bitch.

You see, it all started when I was set for finishing school in Switzerland but then Daddy lost again, in a game of Poker. Only this time, after years of gambling away the property and business, the only thing he had left of any real value was me, his spoilt little girl and her pony. So, we were rather roughly torn from the Home Counties and sent away to settle his debts, to become chattel to a cold and cruel man, the reclusive Lord B of The Manor. And now here I am, trapped in the lap of luxury with the stinking rich, dirty bastard, old enough to be my father, and to make matters worse, he can’t even get it up…

Finishing School
Finishing School

I spend my lonely days abandoned here to roam alone with only my pony and the staff to distract me from my boredom while Lord B spends his days out on his vast country estate hunting, shooting and fishing with his valet – and his nights watching the daily footage of me perform for his debauched viewing pleasure on CCTV. He watches my every move in this house and grounds. Oh yes, Lord B likes to own and control things – whether it be canine, equine or human – and everything is laid on for his exclusive brand of kinky adult entertainment.

So, my daily duties as the Lady of the House are to do anything and everything that it takes to please the Lord – to ease his sexual frustrations and satisfy his desire for sexual excitement. I can use any member of staff and any visitor to star with me in this in-house porn production but the really perverted thing of it all is that because the old boy can’t fuck, then I’m not allowed to either! He really loves to watch me beg for cock. I can tease, wank and suck for his viewing pleasure but I am never allowed to fuck , am I desperate for it. And with such a large household staff to choose from – from the jolly cook to the rough gardener to the kinky groom – I am never short of pussy to lick and cock to suck.

I suppose at least I should think myself lucky to be Lady of The Manor but I feel more like a high spirited stabled slut – desperate for a well hung rider to work me hard and fast and make me sweat with a liberal use of the whip. Day and night I lust after a big hard cock to fill the gaping hole in my dreary life, if you see what I mean.

The staff do talk though and it seems that Lord B has had a long line of young virgins for his sexual kinks so now I know that I am just the latest sex toy to be put through her sexual paces for his perverted sport. If one pleases him then one lives the privileged lifestyle of the gentry and if not, then one is discarded like a disgraced servant, without severance or reference and thrown out on the streets. And with Mummy long since disappeared with the gardener and Daddy impoverished and taken to drink, I have no home to run to for protection from this perverted madman. I am all alone in the world now, penniless and kept as a virtual sex slave by Lord B, which is just how he needs it to get him hard.

But, that’s not quite the whole story…

You see, the old boy’s got more than he bargained for in this dark filly and I’m not the sweet virgin he thought he’d acquired to break in one day. The truth of the matter is that Daddy was only too glad to see the back of me and my wild ways. I was well known and well fucked as the village slut and I’d already done all the stablehands at the pony club and I was just beginning to work my way through his friends at the golf club when I was sent here – all while I was still in school uniform. And as for the finishing school, well that was more of a reform school but I never made it there to be reformed, did I…

But back to the here and now, the bottom line is that if I play by the rules of his sick game then when the old boy snuffs it, I could have it all…

The House Rules
1) I must never neglect my daily duty in the pursuit of sex for His twisted kicks.
2) I must never attempt to tamper with or hide from a camera that records my sex antics day and night for His voyeuristic pleasure.
3) I must never get fucked by anyone but my Lord and Master, the old limp dick Lord B.

Or, I could change the rules and still have it all…

The Hybrid Rules
1) I get what I want – eventually.

So things are getting very interesting around here lately – as you’ll see inside…

Anyway, must dash back to business – hunting cock!

Love & filth
Miss Hybrid xxx

high bred & half breed – part Lady, part slut

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