1st Nov

Best Boy, you are number 1.

While I was away I thought I would make a list. I got it to 498, its now at 506. The real number is much higher though when there have been groups where I cant actually identify how many. so I dont include them.

Like the time Mummy and I had been into town shopping. We had just had lunch, which consisted of two bottles of Chablis and were waiting in the car park for her driver to collect us. It started to rain really heavy. We had no brolly and were getting soaked.

The car park had a few coaches in as there was a major rugby match in the city.

The middle door of one near us opened and a man came down the steps and shouted out to us that we could shelter there.

We trotted over in our heels and tight skirts.

The man reached out to help mummy up the steep steps. She slid her tight skirt up her thighs, far higher than needed to climb the steps.

She climbed the stairs, waggling her arse, showing off her stocking legs and giving a perfect view of her white lace panties pulled right up her crack. When she got to the top she stood there but didn’t seem to mind that her skirt was right up. I could hear men on the coach whistling and shouting.

I thought, I will do better than that. So I pulled my skirt up showing my shaved knickerless pussy. I started up the steep stairs. Someone shouted, “fuck me she’s got a pierced cunt”
Mummy looked around at the man and said ” do you mind, thats my Daughter you are talking about!”
The place went quiet except for the muffled echo of “daughter?, daughter !” reverberating around the coach.

“You need to be taught manners, now undo your belt” She said to the man. He just stood there with a stupid look on his face and mouth half open.

“Oh I’ll do it” she said in an exasperated voice. She released his belt , button and had his zip down in one well practiced move.

She yanked his trousers and boxers down in one move.

His rather large, limp cock was exposed to the full view of everyone on the bus. Mummy said “bend over”. He did as told. There was silence except for the sudden crack as she hit him really hard on his bare arse with her hand. She did this six times despite his protest. When she let him stand upright his cock was stood straight up. Like an iron bar. There was silence.

Mummy looked at it then at me.

“What do you think Hybrid, should we put him out of his misery?”

We were both still standing with our skirts up and all eyes on us.

“They are going to toss him off” someone shouted from the back. Men started to shout to try and encourage us to.

With that Mummy moved right in-front of the poor man with the spanked arse and said, “no were are not”. He looked so disappointed. “We are going to fuck him”

She lifted her right leg and passed it to a pair of welcoming hands belonging to the man sat in the seat that she was stood next to. “Hold that for me would you please?” she asked politely.

She grabbed hold of the hard cock and spanked arse gasped. “This is a big cock, and very, very hard” she pronounced. “I wonder if its the biggest on here, perhaps Hybrid would like to start checking?”

“I will try this for size. Pull my knickers to the side” she said to the man holding her foot. He rapidly did so. He looked at me and said, “She is soaking”, I smiled as I thought, she always is.

Mummy stood on her toes of her left foot and forced the hard cock down between her legs. I bent forward so I had a better view. The cock head was swollen and really springing up against her swollen  cunt lips, she wiggled a bit and suddenly it was in. She slumped down onto it and they both let out a loud groan. There was absolute silence. The man holding her knickers lifted her leg higher to get a better view. The thick cock was up her cunt the whole way. Spanked arse pulled it nearly out and then rammed it back in hard.

He started to ram in and out of her much faster. His cock was coated in her juice. I was still bent over and felt a finger just brush against my pussy. I sank down a little and that was all the encouragement needed. It was straight up me. Quickly followed by fingers and hands everywhere. I could here zips going all around me. My tits were hauled out of my tight to top and my super sensitive nipples tugged at.

Spanked arse was now thrusting hard into Mummys well used cunt. I could see he was about to come, his strokes were getting shorter and breathing shallower.  He groaned out loud. With that Mummy just lifted herself off his cock and left it swaying pumping cum out in steady rhythmical squirts. “Next” she shouted and immediately engulfed by a sea of rampant men.

I was still bent over but now had two cocks trying to find there way into my mouth and one cock being thrust in the vicinity or my pussy. I couldn’t decide if I should let them fuck me or just do some blow jobs and leave the fucking to Mummy.

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  1. Hmmm,

    Sounds like Mummy had a tighthead prop, which became a loosehead prop, and you got a blindside flanker, a fly half, a left and right wing and a fullback in your scrum!! Did you get a couple of hookers to help, or did the two of you manage unaided?? I’ll bet a few people needed the magic sponge afterwards 😉


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