Its 6 months today!

What is 6 months today Hybrid?

Is it…

a)       I had a wank?

b)      paid for a drink?

c)      sucked a cock?

d)      licked a pussy?

e)      had a glass of Chablis?

f)       went shooting with a toy gun?

g)       got called a tart?

h)       watched mummy taking it up the ass?

i)        looked in a mirror?

j)        decided to give up sex and join a convent?

k)       had a wank with thinking about joining a convent?

l)         auctioned myself off to get a new fur coat?

m)      thats M for me me me me

n)        started my own web site?

o)         tarted my own web site?

p)         pissed in katies handbag?

The correct answer wins an empty bottle of Chablis, with tide mark.

12 thoughts on “Its 6 months today!”

  1. a) less than 6 minutes more like 🙂

    b) I doubt that you’d ever need to

    c) Not likely…Scotland last week??

    d) see c) 😉

    e) see d) 🙂

    f) That would never happen…it’s the real thing or a vibrator for you 🙂

    g) Who dared??…oh yeah, me……and you 🙂

    h) I doubt that it’s been 6 months!!

    i) If I looked that good, I’d spend my life looking in the mirror and wanking off over it 🙂

    j) Were you pissed and doing it for a laugh??

    k) Well, you do have some prety weird fantasies!! :-0

    l) Mmm, possibly….as long as you got knickers to match 🙂

    m) Mwah, Mwah, moi XX

    n) Sounds about right 🙂 we have a winner 🙂

    o) No, that happens on a daily basis 🙂

    p) No, you do that every time you get pissed !!! (She told me! shhh, I’ll keep it as our little secret!)

    q) Showed you Quim to the world?? Definitely no more than 6 seconds!!

    r) Relaxed in the bath with a plastic friend??

    s) lost the Soap in the bath and made 1BB stay down for hours til, he found it??

    t) played with an empty Chablis bottle leaving the aforementioned tide mark??…I want a fresh one, and I’ll hold it while you put the Tide mark on it 🙂

    u) made 1BB lick Uranus??….no, not that long…5 days maybe!!

    v) let Katy and Penelope lick your Vulva??

    w) Wanked 1BB off and then made him lick it from your boots?? no,that was last night!!

    x) X rated, sorry that has to stay our big secret 🙂 XXX

    y) Yanked the chauffeurs cock?? ….def not 6 months!

    Z) had sex on a Zebra skin rug?? see U 🙂

    OK, I’ll collect my prize tonight


  2. Keep the fresh one cold, use the very very very very warm one with the very very very fresh high tide mark.

    The answer was f) trying to compete, the future is plastic weapons ha ha ha.

    Tomorrows competition will be, whats the best way of explaining a plastic gun up your arse at A and E…..

  3. Well, nurse, All I can remember is getting the bottles mixed up….so there I was just about to put this freshly chilled bottle of Chablis up Miss Hybrids beautiful sweet pussy when I felt this excruciating pain in my backside…..then I woke up here! Please tell me what happened? Will I recover??


  4. Here’s to the next six months! Keep it up, Miss H…..and you’re certainly doing a very good job of keeping me up!

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