2 into 1 will go…..

I was just passing Lord B’s room the other day, when the old fart calls me in. He is pretty frail these days and normally has a nurse pandering to his every whim, but it seems that she has gone AWOL for the moment.

“Hey, Felix”, he croaks, “come over here, so I don’t have to shout at you”.

He is seated in a comfortable armchair near the window in his bedroom that overlooks the grounds to the rear of the house. A small occasional table has a half empty glass of port and a smouldering cigar sitting in an ornate ashtray.

I enter the room and cross the floor to where Lord B is sitting.

“Yes, sir. What can I do for you, sir?”, I enquire.

“Bloody nurse seems to have disappeared somewhere, be a good chap and see if you can find her for me would you?”

“Of course, sir”, I reply, ”at once, sir”.

I back out of the room again and carry on down the corridor without any intention of actually carrying out his request. Michelle could be anywhere, and I have enough to do, so can’t really spare the time to go hunting down an errant medico, but I find myself near the old man’s study. It should be easy enough to hunt her down with the CCTV. Anyway, I need to find Jane, and I could kill two birds with one stone this way. I don’t quite get that far as I hear noises coming from one of the large guest bedroom suites and go to investigate. The door is ajar, so I push it a little wider and peek around it. The room appears empty, but I can still hear noises. I enter the room, which is furnished with a chaise longue, and a matching armchair. There is a coffee table in front of the chaise longue and an occasional table next to the armchair. A large flat screen TV adorns the wall that the chairs are facing, and some tasteful if risqué paintings hang from two of the other walls. The fourth wall contains a bay window, which, as with Lord B’s bedroom, looks out onto the grounds at the rear of the manor. In the far corner of the room is a door to the bedroom which is wide open, and I tip toe my way across. The wardrobe that runs across the bedroom from the door is mirrored. Peering into the mirror, I see the nurse bent over the edge of the bed, her short blue nurses dress has been pulled up over her little round arse, divulging white stockings and suspenders and a white g-string. Miss Hybrid has one hand stroking Michelle’s arse cheeks whilst the other is rubbing the tiny white g-string into her crotch. I stand quite still against the open door and continue to watch the scene unfold in the mirror. It’s been a hot day, so Miss H is dressed in a summery yellow dress, light and short, and very obviously no underwear. The nurse moans quietly as the fabric of her panties is pushed into her pussy. Miss H kneels down to one side of her, spreads her arse cheeks wide, leans in and licks her puckered ring. She pulls Michelle’s g-string to the side over one bum cheek, two fingers slipping inside the damp warm cunt. She pops a finger in her mouth and then pushes the wet digit into Michelle’s arsehole.

I do hope you like the first part of my story.

Felix xx

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