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We returned to the same hotel that we had holidayed at last year. It is comfortable and has easy access to a number of rather good sites for photo shoots, some naturist beaches and a decent night life, not totally overrun by lager louts and excessively loud night clubs. Miss Hybrid and I had been out in the hills earlier in the day scouting locations for her. It had been hot and I had neglected to put the water bottles in an ice box, so it was rather tepid. By the time we got back to the hotel I was in the doghouse and being soundly berated as we entered the foyer.

We go through to the pool and Miss Hybrid finds herself a shaded sunbed while I hurry off to the bar for a large jug of ice cold water. I quickly return to her, pour out a tall glass and hand it to her. I try to pour myself one but am immediately reprimanded.
“You can fucking well stay thirsty, you useless cretin”, she hisses at me. She takes a long slow gulp of the refreshing liquid and looks up at me.
“How could you forget to put the water on ice? I really don’t know why I bother to keep you around sometimes. Now go and get me a glass of Chablis”.
“Yes, Mistress” I say as I turn to head back to the bar.
“WAIT!” she calls. “Come back here”.
I return to the table.
I stand directly in front of her.
She pulls the waistband of my swimming shorts towards her and pours in the remaining contents of the jug. The ice settles in around my nether regions and my nether regions attempt to shrink back up inside me.
“Now you can go. You can remove the ice once you return to me with my wine and not a moment before”, she tells me as she takes out her camera and starts to review the pictures that she took earlier.
I scuttle back to the bar as fast as I can.
“Chablis. Cold. Quick as you can, please”, I blurt out as soon as I get there.
“Un momento por favor señor. I service lady first”, the barman says indicating a rather stunning redhead seated at the other end of the bar. He prepares a rather elaborate cocktail showing off his skills as he throws the bottles around pouring liquids of various hues into the shaker before adding ice and then extravagantly shaking it to some silent beat. The resultant contents are then poured into a long glass, a slices of lemon and lime slipped onto the rim and an umbrella, two straws and cocktail stick is added.
“Señorita”, he purrs as he pushes the glass towards her.
She ignores him, picks up the glass and slips off the bar stool, revealing a long shapely leg from under her sarong. She takes a sip of the icy mixture looks up at me and winks as she walks past me towards the pool. She brushes a hand against my hip as she passes and I watch her as she walks away with her hips swinging hypnotically.
The barman wakes me from my reverie and hands me a cold glass of wine.
“Gracias”, I respond and return to Miss H with a gait not unlike a sumo wrestler with piles. The ice resting in the netting of my shorts now feels as though it is burning through my testicles, my dick has completely hidden itself and freezing water drips down my thighs.
“About bloody time. What were you doing? Growing the grapes?”, she takes the glass from my hand, takes a sip and places the glass on the table next to her. “Now bugger off until dinner. Make reservations for two at that place on the square for 8 O’Clock.”
“Yes, Mistress”, I say as I back away.
As soon as I am out of sight I release the ice from my shorts and slink up to my room for a warm shower.
Before anything else, I call the restaurant and book the table.

I strip off for my shower. As I slip my shorts off, I notice a piece of paper flutter to the floor and pick it up.
“Room 1092 – 6pm. Claire xxx”
Who is Claire I ask myself. Could it be the redhead? I remember her touch me as she passed by. That must when she left the note.
I smile to myself as I let the warm water wash over me and massage some warmth back into my frozen genitals. I start getting hard as I think about the beautiful redhead and slowly wank myself. I crouch down and slide two fingers up my arse as I stroke my stiff shaft. I let the shower play over my cock, adding more sensation. I get close to the point of no return and stop before I let loose. I want to save it for later. I quickly finish my shower, dry off, lie down naked on my bed and pick up my book.
A couple of hours later I realise that I must have dozed off. A glance at the clock tells me that it is five to six. I throw on a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt and spray myself with a bit of Chanel Bleu.
Two minutes past 6 finds me knocking on Room 1092.
She opens the door wearing a light pink, short summery strapless dress and ushers me in.
“I’m so glad you could make it, Felix”, she says, “I’ve heard some good things about you”
“I couldn’t resist an invitation from such a stunner”, I reply, “and who do I have to thank for the positive reviews?”
I stop next to the bed. It is a pretty standard, cramped, hotel room with the bed taking up most of the space. There is a chair in the corner and dressing table also with a chair and a cabinet that hosts a television, currently switched off.
“I heard a couple of the maids discussing your prowess in bed but I thought you might need a bit of cheering up after seeing how your mistress was treating you earlier today”
She puts a hand on my chest and pushes me backwards onto the bed. She leans forward over me and kisses me lightly on the lips. Her lipstick tastes faintly of cherry. I reach up to caress her tits but she pins my arms down.
“Just relax”, she tells me. “Let me do the work”.
She flutters her lips down across my cheek and onto my neck.
“Mmmm, you smell nice”, she whispers as she licks my neck and works downward towards my chest. She slowly unbuttons my shirt and peels it open. She licks and sucks my nipples before moving further down crawling backwards and off the bed as she licks down to my belly button until she is kneeling in front of me. She slips a hand up the leg of my shorts and grasps my rigid cock.
“Ready for me already”, she comments as she undoes the button on the waistband of my shorts and lowers the zip.
My unencumbered dick stands up straight and she lets go for a moment to pull my shorts to the floor. She licks the precum from the head of my hard on and slips it between her eager lips. I feel her tongue lick around my glans and my hands grasp the sheets as her tongue slips along the underside of my cock and onto my balls. She sucks each nut into her mouth, one at a time and then works her tongue back up my shaft and starts to suck on my dick, slowly at first and then building up speed. I come close to spurting into her mouth but she senses it and eases off, squeezing the base of my shaft firmly.
“Not yet, lover boy”, she breathes, ”not yet”.
I sit up a bit as she goes down on me again. I watch my pole disappear as she gobbles the whole thing down. I can’t resist taking a handful of her overflowing tits and this time she does not stop me. I push her dress down and gently squeeze her full breasts. Her erect nipples press against my palms.
She comes up for air and wraps her lovely mounds around my erection. I lean down to kiss her. Our lips crush together as our tongues mingle. She comes up next to me on the bed and turns onto her back as we continue to kiss. I let a hand wander down to her thigh and then up under her skirt. I slide my hand slowly upwards. I am somewhat surprised when I reach the top to find a huge hard cock. I pause a second and then continue, dropping my hand down a little to weigh up the balls hanging below the massive hard on encased in some small nylon panties.

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The continuing adventures of Felix d’Worm, PA to the Slut of the Manor. #NSFW, Well it is Miss Hybrid’s Site, What Do You Expect?

…………………I continue………. #NSFW

One week later and Jess has been invited to dinner at the manor. Just the four of us. Jess, Miss Hybrid, Ed and me. Lord B is away at his hospice after another of his attacks. He seems to spend more time there than at home these days.

Jess has been told that formal evening wear is expected and arrives dressed in a beautiful black satin cocktail dress, the neckline of which halts half way down between her breasts. Stocking tops and a hint of thigh are apparent where her shapely legs emerge from the rather high hemline. Her feet are encased in very high black heels, which make her long legs seem even longer. She is wearing a silver choker around her neck. It is a solid band held closed with a heart shaped padlock in the front. Matching heart shaped earrings adorn her lobes.

Miss Hybrid is wearing red with some black detailing. A long skirt slit up to the waist on one side reveals that she is wearing natural coloured silk stockings with the seam running straight up the back of her legs. Above the skirt she has a corset, laced tight and enhancing her already formidable tits. Her raven hair is piled up on her head in a loose bun, some escaped strands framing her face and is held in place with a red ribbon. She, too, is wearing high heels, but in a scarlet red to match her skirt.

Ed and I are in the traditional men’s evening wear of black tuxedos, both single breasted, and both with black bow ties. I always think how strange it is for us to dress the same way as the waiters, but the ladies do seem to like it.

We start the evening with aperitifs in the lounge. A brace of waiters pass around glasses of champagne and a tray with a few tasty looking amuse bouche. We make small talk while we sip our champers and nibble on the finger food. I notice Miss Hybrid with her hand on Jess’ arse as she whispers something in her ear. They glance over at Ed and me and laugh. Ed and I look at each other and shrug.

The maître d’ for the evening announces that “Dinner is served” and guides us through to the dining room. The two waiters hold out the chairs and seat the ladies whilst Ed sits himself next to Miss Hybrid, opposite Jess and I take the final seat next to Jess.
The starter is served – half a dozen oysters on the half shell. A small plate of lemon wedges and a bottle of tabasco is placed in the centre of the table. The maître d’, acting as sommelier, pours out the Chablis and we tuck in. As we eat, I feel a foot rub along the inside of my thigh before the rather pointy heel comes to rest in my crotch. I look up at Miss Hybrid who continues to talk to Jess, making no sign of what she is up to under the table. Given the sudden stricken look on Ed’s face, I am guessing that Jess is giving him the same treatment. I swallow my last oyster and place my hand on Jess’ thigh, just below her hemline and slide it slowly up the sheer nylon to her stocking tops. She places her hand on mine and pulls it further up her leg onto the crotch of her panties. As I rub my hand against her, I discover that what I had thought was a seam along the centre of her knickers is in fact a slit, and I dip the tip of my finger between her hot damp lips. The talk remains on the mundane day to day. Jokes are cracked and wine is drunk. The waiters clear away the empty plates and return quickly with the main course – a rather glorious looking beef wellington. One of the waiters carves large slices of pastry encased beef fillet and it is served with sauté potatoes and buttered fine beans. A rather nice cabernet sauvignon accompanies the dish.
Hands and feet are removed from legs and crotches whilst the food and wine is consumed and general chit chat continues.
After the beef comes Crème brûlée served with a Sauternes to complete the dinner.
The last of the plates and glasses are cleared away and Miss Hybrid stands. She clicks her fingers and nods towards Jess. The two waiters quickly lift Jess from her seat and take her away from the table.
“Kneel down for them, Slut”, orders Miss Hybrid.
As Jess complies, the two men pull down their trousers and shorts freeing their limp cocks.
“Take hold of both of them and suck them”, Miss H directs, “I want to see them big and hard for you”.
Jess looks across at me and smiles as she grabs a cock in each hand. She licks the head of each one in turn and wanks them both. As the two penises grow larger, she opens her mouth and starts to suck them. First one and then the other working her hand up and down the shafts. Miss Hybrid crosses to the other side of the table to get a better view and motions for Ed and me to follow. We each turn a dinning chair towards the action and sit down, Miss H in between us.
She pulls her skirt aside and spreads her legs wide and rubs herself through her sheer red thong as she watches the action.
“Felix and Ed – Strip”, she commands.

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Jess (part 1)

I have been frequenting the local camera and accessories shop recently. I prefer to see the equipment first hand, rather than just trust the internet. It may be a slightly more expensive way of working, but I do get some first rate help and with the number of CCTV cameras that I have been putting in lately, I have managed to wangle a bit of a discount. It doesn’t do any harm that the most knowledgeable person there is a rather nice young lady called Jessica. At first glance, she is not obviously pretty, quite short with small round glasses adorning her face, and light brown hair tied back. She tends to wear baggy trousers and sweatshirts that hide her body, so there is no knowing what is under there. But every so often, like when she bends over to pick up something and the material stretches over her bum, or she stretches up and the outline of her ample bosom becomes obvious, you can tell that there is a well looked after body under those clothes. She has large blue, almost purple eyes that sparkle through the thin lenses of her specs.
She is very bright and knows her subject well.
I asked her once why she dresses down so much and hardly ever uses make-up (not that she needs it), and she said…
“Well, I got fed up of being ignored when I gave my opinion when I dressed more conventionally. The men tended to think that I had no brains, the women were just as bad, and therefore what I said was side lined. I found that looking more dorky meant that the customers didn’t just look at me, but actually took my advice as well.”

Last week I was having a bit of a problem with one of the new cameras in the dungeon. It just would not pan properly. It seemed to be getting stuck on something, but physically it seemed fine. There must be a software problem somewhere, but why did it not affect the other cameras?
I called the shop and when Jess answered, I explained the problem. She seemed to think that there may be a problem with a chip in the camera and offered to bring out a replacement as it was getting late and she passes near by the manor on her way home anyway.
“Great”, I said, “I can show you the setup, if you like”.
“That would be very interesting”, she answered, “I’ll be around just after 6, if that’s okay with you”.
“Perfect”, I reply, “I’ll see you then”
I check my watch as I put the phone back on its cradle. Nearly 5. That’ll give me just enough time to have a quick shower and get changed before she gets here.
I dither over what to wear. Suit or more casual? I go for the casual look first, but my reflection in the mirror tells me that it looks like I’m trying too hard. I pull out a Pierre Cardin suit in grey, match it with a powder blue shirt and dark blue tie. Too smart. It’d be stupid to wear a suit if I’m going to be climbing up ladders, and Jessica’s is hardly likely to have time to change before she gets here. I end up pulling on a pair of jeans and a rugby shirt. A light spray of Paco Rebanne and that’s me ready. Just in time too, as I hear the doorbell ring as I’m tying the laces on my trainers.
I am just at the top of the stairs by the time Lucy opens the door to Jess and shows her in.
She spots me as I descend.
“Hi Felix, I’ve got the replacement here”, she calls as she holds up the new camera.
“Great. That’s great! Oh, and thanks, Lucy”, I wave to the maid before turning back to Jessica and gesturing for her to follow me as I reach the bottom of the stairs.
“Let’s go through to my office”, I say as I guide her in the right direction.
As I had thought, she is still in her work attire of baggy jeans and a sweatshirt with the shop’s logo on it. I wonder what she’s wearing underneath.
I show her into my office and pull up a chair on my left for her.
“Have a seat. I’ll just bring up the monitoring software”, I tell her.
The master view appears, showing the 14 camera views around the manor.
“You seem to be getting pretty good quality feeds”, she says squinting at the monitor, “can I have a closer look?”
“Sure”, I reply and pass the mouse across.
It does not stretch quite far enough and so she has to lean across me a little.
“Excuse me”, she apologises as she selects one of the camera feeds.
The main hallway jumps into full screen. She pans left and right and zooms onto the front door.
She minimises that one and selects another at random. This time the kitchen appears. Lucy has just boiled the kettle and is making a coffee. With a deft movement of her hand, she zooms in to Lucy’s cleavage, realises what she has done and quickly zooms back out again. I notice the colour rising to her cheeks, but make no comment.
“Which camera were you having a problem with?”, she asks as she closes the kitchen view.
I put my hand over hers on the mouse and guide it to the dungeon.
“This one”
The dungeon fills the screen.
“What’s this room?”, she asks peering closely at the screen.
“It’s the mistresses play room”, I answer, “also known as the dungeon”.
She pans the camera left and right to test it, and sure enough it sticks when panning right.
“We’d better go and have a closer look”, she suggests, “it’s not software, so it must be the camera”.
“Okay, follow me”, I say as I stand up.
I take her across the courtyard to the hayloft and up the stairs to the dungeon.
“What IS all this stuff?”, she asks incredulously, taking in the restraining cross, the table, the cage, whips, chains and all of the other paraphernalia around the walls. For the moment, she has forgotten why she is here in the first place.
“Just a few bits and pieces the mistress keeps for disciplining her staff”, I tell her, “It can be quite fun, actually. The feeling of helplessness whilst being brought close to orgasm through pleasure and/or pain – often a bit of both”.
Jess walks up to the large cross and starts to examine it a bit more closely.
“How does it work?”, she asks, blushing deeply.
“I can show you if you like”, I suggest.
“Yes please”
“Well, you can either use the chains built into the cross itself at ankles and wrists or you can use ropes. Ropes are a lot more complicated, and I don’t really have the skill to use those properly yet”.
“Show me”, she says as she smiles, and places herself against the wooden cross.
Before she can change her mind, I crouch down and fasten the chains around her ankles and then standing, chain her wrists as well.
“What do you think? Can you move?”
“No, not at all, I am totally at your mercy, Felix”, she smiles.
Testing the water, I reach out and cup a breast through her sweatshirt. She closes her eyes and sighs. I take that as an invitation to go a little further and weigh up her other ample tit. I can feel her hard nipple through the thick clothing and lightly pinch it.
An appreciative “mmmmmm”, escapes her lips.
“What happens next?”, she asks.
“We often apply a blindfold at this time, as it removes a sense and lets you feel more intensely”
“Okay, do that, then”, she says quickly.
I pick one from the wall and cover then her eyes, peppering her face with light kisses as I do so. I run my tongue across her lips, pulling away as she attempts to reciprocate.
I put my hands on her hips and then slowly run them up her body beneath her sweatshirt, slowly pulling it up as my hands rise. I stop at her large bra covered tits to lightly touch her nipples through the thin lingerie before continuing to pull her sweatshirt up. An obvious problem now presents itself as the shirt will not stay up on its own. I let it fall, cross over to the cupboard and extract a large pair of scissors. I select a ball gag while I am there, nipple and labia clamps, a couple of vibrators (one large, one smaller), a butterfly clit vibrator, a spiked wheel and some lube. I wonder how far she is prepared to let me go.
Silently I return to Jess.
“Are you still there?”, she calls out.
I don’t answer. Instead I take hold of the bottom of her sweatshirt and cut upwards, opening it up.
“What are you doing?”, she asks.
“Shhhh”, is my reply as I put a finger first on her lips and then slip it between them.
She runs her tongue around it and then sucks gently. I remove my finger and open up her ruined top. Her bra is red with a three quarter cup, her nipples clearly visible through the light fabric. I pull a cup away from her breast and suck on her nipple. It stands proud and hard, just as my cock is starting to as well. I pull the cup from the other breast as well, and pinch her teat, gently at first, but then harder.
“Owwwwch”, she exclaims as I squeeze tighter.
“Should I let go”, I ask, “or do I need to punish you for that malfunctioning camera?”
“I need to be punished” she says quickly, ”I should have tested the camera before giving it to you”
“Yes, that’s what I think too”, I tell her. “I’m going to make you writhe until you scream for me to make you cum, and then I’m going make you cum until you scream for me to stop”
“Yes, yes, do that”, she moans as I pinch both nipples together, “I’ve been so bad. Punish me, hurt me”
“I think you’re making too much noise. Too much chatter. Let’s sort that out first”
I place the ball gag in her mouth and fasten it in place. I take out a pair of nipple clamps and attach them. She winces and squeals quietly as each one is fastened tightly. I undo the button at the waistband of her jeans, and lower the fly. I slip my hand into her panties and am treated to smooth skin and a slippery slit. I ease a finger between her lips.

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