Miss Hybrid

We returned to the same hotel that we had holidayed at last year. It is comfortable and has easy access to a number of rather good sites for photo shoots, some naturist beaches and a decent night life, not totally overrun by lager louts and excessively loud night clubs. Miss Hybrid and I had been out in the hills earlier in the day scouting locations for her. It had been hot and I had neglected to put the water bottles in an ice box, so it was rather tepid. By the time we got back to the hotel I was in the doghouse and being soundly berated as we entered the foyer.

We go through to the pool and Miss Hybrid finds herself a shaded sunbed while I hurry off to the bar for a large jug of ice cold water. I quickly return to her, pour out a tall glass and hand it to her. I try to pour myself one but am immediately reprimanded.
“You can fucking well stay thirsty, you useless cretin”, she hisses at me. She takes a long slow gulp of the refreshing liquid and looks up at me.
“How could you forget to put the water on ice? I really don’t know why I bother to keep you around sometimes. Now go and get me a glass of Chablis”.
“Yes, Mistress” I say as I turn to head back to the bar.
“WAIT!” she calls. “Come back here”.
I return to the table.
I stand directly in front of her.
She pulls the waistband of my swimming shorts towards her and pours in the remaining contents of the jug. The ice settles in around my nether regions and my nether regions attempt to shrink back up inside me.
“Now you can go. You can remove the ice once you return to me with my wine and not a moment before”, she tells me as she takes out her camera and starts to review the pictures that she took earlier.
I scuttle back to the bar as fast as I can.
“Chablis. Cold. Quick as you can, please”, I blurt out as soon as I get there.
“Un momento por favor señor. I service lady first”, the barman says indicating a rather stunning redhead seated at the other end of the bar. He prepares a rather elaborate cocktail showing off his skills as he throws the bottles around pouring liquids of various hues into the shaker before adding ice and then extravagantly shaking it to some silent beat. The resultant contents are then poured into a long glass, a slices of lemon and lime slipped onto the rim and an umbrella, two straws and cocktail stick is added.
“Señorita”, he purrs as he pushes the glass towards her.
She ignores him, picks up the glass and slips off the bar stool, revealing a long shapely leg from under her sarong. She takes a sip of the icy mixture looks up at me and winks as she walks past me towards the pool. She brushes a hand against my hip as she passes and I watch her as she walks away with her hips swinging hypnotically.
The barman wakes me from my reverie and hands me a cold glass of wine.
“Gracias”, I respond and return to Miss H with a gait not unlike a sumo wrestler with piles. The ice resting in the netting of my shorts now feels as though it is burning through my testicles, my dick has completely hidden itself and freezing water drips down my thighs.
“About bloody time. What were you doing? Growing the grapes?”, she takes the glass from my hand, takes a sip and places the glass on the table next to her. “Now bugger off until dinner. Make reservations for two at that place on the square for 8 O’Clock.”
“Yes, Mistress”, I say as I back away.
As soon as I am out of sight I release the ice from my shorts and slink up to my room for a warm shower.
Before anything else, I call the restaurant and book the table.

I strip off for my shower. As I slip my shorts off, I notice a piece of paper flutter to the floor and pick it up.
“Room 1092 – 6pm. Claire xxx”
Who is Claire I ask myself. Could it be the redhead? I remember her touch me as she passed by. That must when she left the note.
I smile to myself as I let the warm water wash over me and massage some warmth back into my frozen genitals. I start getting hard as I think about the beautiful redhead and slowly wank myself. I crouch down and slide two fingers up my arse as I stroke my stiff shaft. I let the shower play over my cock, adding more sensation. I get close to the point of no return and stop before I let loose. I want to save it for later. I quickly finish my shower, dry off, lie down naked on my bed and pick up my book.
A couple of hours later I realise that I must have dozed off. A glance at the clock tells me that it is five to six. I throw on a pair of shorts and a short sleeved shirt and spray myself with a bit of Chanel Bleu.
Two minutes past 6 finds me knocking on Room 1092.
She opens the door wearing a light pink, short summery strapless dress and ushers me in.
“I’m so glad you could make it, Felix”, she says, “I’ve heard some good things about you”
“I couldn’t resist an invitation from such a stunner”, I reply, “and who do I have to thank for the positive reviews?”
I stop next to the bed. It is a pretty standard, cramped, hotel room with the bed taking up most of the space. There is a chair in the corner and dressing table also with a chair and a cabinet that hosts a television, currently switched off.
“I heard a couple of the maids discussing your prowess in bed but I thought you might need a bit of cheering up after seeing how your mistress was treating you earlier today”
She puts a hand on my chest and pushes me backwards onto the bed. She leans forward over me and kisses me lightly on the lips. Her lipstick tastes faintly of cherry. I reach up to caress her tits but she pins my arms down.
“Just relax”, she tells me. “Let me do the work”.
She flutters her lips down across my cheek and onto my neck.
“Mmmm, you smell nice”, she whispers as she licks my neck and works downward towards my chest. She slowly unbuttons my shirt and peels it open. She licks and sucks my nipples before moving further down crawling backwards and off the bed as she licks down to my belly button until she is kneeling in front of me. She slips a hand up the leg of my shorts and grasps my rigid cock.
“Ready for me already”, she comments as she undoes the button on the waistband of my shorts and lowers the zip.
My unencumbered dick stands up straight and she lets go for a moment to pull my shorts to the floor. She licks the precum from the head of my hard on and slips it between her eager lips. I feel her tongue lick around my glans and my hands grasp the sheets as her tongue slips along the underside of my cock and onto my balls. She sucks each nut into her mouth, one at a time and then works her tongue back up my shaft and starts to suck on my dick, slowly at first and then building up speed. I come close to spurting into her mouth but she senses it and eases off, squeezing the base of my shaft firmly.
“Not yet, lover boy”, she breathes, ”not yet”.
I sit up a bit as she goes down on me again. I watch my pole disappear as she gobbles the whole thing down. I can’t resist taking a handful of her overflowing tits and this time she does not stop me. I push her dress down and gently squeeze her full breasts. Her erect nipples press against my palms.
She comes up for air and wraps her lovely mounds around my erection. I lean down to kiss her. Our lips crush together as our tongues mingle. She comes up next to me on the bed and turns onto her back as we continue to kiss. I let a hand wander down to her thigh and then up under her skirt. I slide my hand slowly upwards. I am somewhat surprised when I reach the top to find a huge hard cock. I pause a second and then continue, dropping my hand down a little to weigh up the balls hanging below the massive hard on encased in some small nylon panties.

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