Bend Over

Bend over the desk Hybrid

Bend over the desk Hybrid

Well I passed through the scanning hoop and bleeped. The uniformed lady guard walked up to me and asked me to put my hands by my side. I was wearing a very short thin white dress and stockings, no knickers as usual and black high heels. She passed a hand held scanned over me and it bleeped at pussy level. She smiled for a split second and then asked if I would follow her. She lead me to a booth. Once inside, she stood very close and asked” do you know why I have brought you here?” “Yes”, I replied “it is because you would like to see my pussy piercings” She smirked, reached down and put her hand under my short dress, straight to my pussy piercings and slid a finger up my soaking crack.

I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away and bent me over the small desk, pulling my dress up as she bent me over.

She pushed me down over the desk the narrow way and nudged my feet apart with her feet. Once she was happy with the them, they were now wide open, she stood back. I could see back at her under the desk, as my head was hanging over the side. she was stood straight behind me. My legs made a perfect upside down V. My cunt mound and lips were perfectly positioned at the top and my lips open. I was so wet and excited that strands of drool were dangling from my hole.

She told me to stay in that position, as she walked out and left the room. I waited as I had been told.

“I heard the door open, footsteps and then the door being closed firmly. As I looked back between my legs I could see a pair of highly polished black shoes and black trousers stood next to the girl. “This is the slut I was telling you about” she said in a soft but stern voice. “She is on the noon flight to Gatwick, so there is no rush. I think it was the cunt piercings that set off the alarm but thought you may want to take a look yourself sir”

“Thank you Miss Crabtree, I think you did the right thing. Have you removed her knickers or was she not wearing any?” the man asked. “Not wearing any Sir”

“Oh I see. She is making an awful mess on the floor, could you stop her leaking like that”

Without a word the girl dropped to her knees….

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