All in a day’s work

This week I have been wearing very small white cotton knickers everyday as a punishment for obtaining previously used panties from Miss Hybrid’s laundry basket. I’m not sure I see what the problem is. I take the nice, sometimes slightly damp panties (if I’m quick enough) from the basket and sometime later, return them slightly damper. I may have tripped up when borrowing a clean pair from her panty drawer and returning them to said drawer afterwards. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake.

I have no problem with wearing the panties (in fact, I quite like it), except when I get an erection, which is not an uncommon happenstance here. I mean, you try and control yourself when the maid’s uniforms barely cover anything anyway, they know what you are wearing and they do their damnedest to almost show you everything. The lot of them have become total butterfingers in my presence, managing to drop anything from teaspoons to feather dusters. They always have to turn around before bending over, legs straight and apart, to retrieve the item, resulting in hardening of the trouser area. I keep telling them to “bend your knees, you’ll do you back in like that”, but do they listen? No they do not. Anyway, I was just saying that getting an erection in these tiny white knickers can be a bit of a pain, as I cannot fit in them when at full mast, which, in turn means that it is painfully obvious when I have a stiffy, which, as I said, seems to be most of the time at the moment.

In order to alleviate the predicament, I decided that I would go for a long walk in the afternoon. Maybe some fresh air and lack of pussy and arse being waved in my face may do me some good, and give my todger a bit of a rest. The weather has not been too bad, a bit wet now and then but still reasonably warm and yesterday the sun was out with just a few clouds spotted about and Miss Hybrid was going out to expose herself to the men painting the railings around the pond. What she calls sunbathing. I don’t know how she expects them to get any paint on the railings when she is diddling herself in their full view.

But I digress. Unfortunately for me, she decides that a shopping trip for more panties for me is required. I’m not sure why, I still have 4 left in the pack of 10 that she left me the other day. So around lunchtime, I am ready for the off and am then told to bugger off down to the shops myself, she couldn’t be bothered, it being far too nice in the sun with an ice cold bottle of Chablis. I am told to get another half a dozen or so pairs of varying styles (all white), none of which should be comfortable for me, all of which must be erotic and feminine. She will check my purchases on my return home and they had better be good.

I drive myself into town, wondering where the best place is for me to get some undies that are acceptable to both her lusciousness and me. There is one place that Miss Hybrid uses all the time. They do very nice (if a little expensive) lingerie, and on the plus side, they know me, having been there with her a couple of times in the past. She has an account, so I needn’t worry too much about cost. On the minus side, they know me, especially one of the sales assistants there, a really gorgeous girl in her mid twenties with this fantastic coffee coloured skin (a bit like Miss Hybrid’s riding instructor India) and shapely tits, who I would like to get to know a bit better, if you know what I mean. I decide that that will be the best place to go as I can explain what I need and why without too much embarrassment, so I park the car and quickly make my way to the shop.

A quick look around tells me that Karen (the sales assistant that I was talking about), is indeed on duty, and seems to be the only one free at present. A take a deep breath and putting my best foot forward stride confidently over towards her, only to trip over a discarded hanger and land in a pile at her feet. I look up straight into the silky pink panties under her short pleated skirt. I quickly look away and accept her hand helping me to my feet.

“Sorry about that”, I apologise, “should have been looking where I was going”

“That’s no problem, err Felix, isn’t it? Don’t you usually come here with Miss Hybrid?”

“Yes, that’s right”, I say, “I’m on a mission from her at the moment, as it happens”

“How can I help”, she offers.

“Well, it’s a little delicate”, I explain, “I rather managed to upset her a little last week, and as a consequence, I have been having to wear, errrm”, I pause for a moment.


“I’ve, errr, been having to wear lady’s under garments, of the panty variety”, I go on quickly, “and I really need to find some that fit a little better”

Karen looks at me again, seemingly not fazed by this at all, as if it were an everyday request.

“I’m sure we can find you something to fit”, she assures me.

“There is just one slight problem”, I say, “they can’t fit too well. My instructions are to come back with half a dozen various pairs, obviously sexy, feminine and, for me at least, uncomfortable”.

“I have a couple of styles in mind that I’m sure Miss Hybrid will be happy to see you in. Come with me”. She takes me by the hand and leads me through to the back into the fitting rooms.

“Take a seat over there”, she indicates a comfortable looking armchair, ”and I’ll bring in some samples for you to see.

She disappears for a moment and then comes back into the room, seemingly empty handed.

I look at her quizzically, at which, she lift the front of her skirt to show me a small silky white triangle of cloth that really enhances the colour of her skin. My jaw drops as I take in the view.

“These are very nice”, she says as she turns around, “they are a g-string, as you can see”.

She bends over and lifts the back of her skirt, showing me the thin string running between her buttocks, and the reverse view of the tiny triangle that doesn’t quite hide her hairless pussy, pink glistening lips attracting my attention.

“What do you think? Do you like what you see?”

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