Bonfire night and other fireworks

On returning to my room as instructed, I see a package on my bed. I leave it for now while I go and have a quick shower, cleaning myself inside and out, as you never know what will be on Miss Hybrid’s agenda. Exiting the shower with 5 minutes to spare, I quickly towel off and open the package on my bed. There is a note that tells me to wear the contents and then put a nice conservative suit on over the top.

It’s a belt. A very long belt. On closer examination, I find that it is in fact a sort of harness. I slip it on. The straps go over my shoulders and around my body. A large metal ring is the obvious position for my cock. I realise now that I should have done that bit first as the effects of the Kamagra Jelly have not yet worn off, and it is rather uncomfortable bending my dick to poke it through the ring. I finish dressing quickly and make it to the front door with seconds to spare. To all outward appearances, I smartly dressed in a plain charcoal grey suit, white shirt and blue tie. Black brogues and plain black socks adorn my feet. Only the obvious bulge in my trousers spoils the total affect.

Miss Hybrid sweeps down the stairs, wearing a full length black fur coat with white specks buttoned up to the throat and black leather gloves cover her hands. Shiny black boots come into view as she walks towards me, regarding me with possessive eyes.

“Turn around”, she says as she looks me up and down.

I turn my back.

“All the way”, she says, a hint of irritation in her voice.

I face her once more.

“Good”, she smiles as she glances at my groin, “very good”, she says as she gives my bulge a quick squeeze. She almost mumbles the last two words to herself and takes my arm.

Stefan, standing by the front door with an overnight bag in hand opens the door and leads us to the limo that has been hired for the day, waiting for us. For once, Stefan has the full chauffeur uniform, including cap. He opens the car door, allowing Miss Hybrid to enter and then passes her the small overnight bag. I go around to the other side and climb in beside her.

As Stefan gets behind the wheel, Miss Hybrid leans forward.

“I want to arrive at precisely 10 past, Stefan”, no earlier, but 5 minutes late will not matter.

“Yes, Miss”, he responds.

Miss Hybrid presses a switch, and a dark glass panel rises to cut us off from the driver.

She opens her coat and places it the seat beside her.

Her black latex cupless corset glistens in the low light of the car. The top of her fishnet stockings which are visible above the boots, are attached to latex suspenders. The finishing touch is the panties which are equipped with a zip, currently fastened.

Without a word she leans over and lowers my fly, reaches inside and extracts my still hard member. She rubs her hand up and down it a couple of times and plants a kiss on the tip before slipping it back inside my trousers and refastening the zip.

She glances at the clock and then, lowering the zip in her panties she says, “We have 10 minutes before we arrive. If I have not cum by then, then you will be waiting in the car for the rest of the evening.”

Continued in Miss Hybrid’s members area x

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