I came across 2 girls whilst walking

I really enjoyed my little sojourn into town yesterday. It proved very fruitful, and I emptied my aching balls into a very nice little shop assistant. And picked up some nice knickers as well. I may well be back to buy lingerie on a more regular basis.

Today it seems that I am able to get out into the summer air for a nice relaxing solo walk and picnic.

I’ve changed out of my suit into something a little more casual – knee length shorts and loose t-shirt with “Taxmen – We don’t just raise taxes” emblazoned on it. I pick up a small duffel bag into which I stuff some french bread, brie, ham, dijon mustard and bottle of wine (2007 Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc – I try not to touch the Chablis – she counts the bottles), a book (Douglas Adams – So Long and Thanks for all the Fish – Very amusing), and a towel (you have to know where your towel is!). So armed, I stride out into the countryside. After a good half hour of crossing fields and streams, avoiding cow pats, and mad horses I find a nice little spot under some trees, out of the sun, just near a small clear stream. It is wooded on my side of the stream, the sunlight just speckling the ground as it fights its way through the leaves. On the other side is a field in which the grass has grown to just under waist height. I lay out my towel in one of the larger patches of sunshine, and unpack my lunch.

It’s very quiet here, just a few birds singing, the wind rustling through the trees and the soft tinkling sound of the stream as is rushes over the shallow pebble bed. I settle down in the soft sunlight with my back against a tree, a brie, ham and mustard baguette, glass of Chenin Blanc and my book. Once I have finished off my repast, I start to nod off whilst reading, suddenly waking as my head drops, so I spread out the towel and lie down. I continue reading for a while and then fall asleep. I am not sure how long I was sleeping, but am awakened by giggling.

“I’m not sure we should be doing this, Sarah”, says one voice

“Oh, but come on, Bets, it’ll be fun”, says someone I assume must be Sarah, “it doesn’t mean anything, and it’ll be our secret”

“But what would David say if he found out?”, says Bets.

“He’s not going to find out, is he. And anyway, even if he did, I bet it would just turn him on”.

I like the way this conversation is going, and look around to see if I can spot the protagonists. It seems to be coming from the grass just across the stream from me, but I can’t see anything.

“Maybe you’re right”, is the response, “OK. In for a penny”

Just then a pretty blonde arises from the sea of grass, followed quickly by a very well endowed brunette.

“Come on Betty, let’s start simply, with a kiss”, says the brunette.

She gently takes Betty’s face in her hands, leans over and they start to kiss. Betty is obviously hesitant at first, but as the kiss continues, she becomes more confident. The passion builds up and Sarah grasps Betty’s bottom, a cheek in each hand and squeezes. Neither of them seems to have noticed me there, even though I am no more the 20 yards away on the other side of the stream. They probably cannot see me in the shadow of the trees whilst they are in the full sunlight.

Betty follows Sarah’s lead, lifting Sarah’s light flowery summer dress as she massages her buttocks. Their mouths separate for a moment and I can see their entwined tongues as they lose themselves in each other. Betty lifts her hands behind Sarah, and, getting bolder, pulls down the zipper on the back of Sarah’s Dress. They step apart and Sarah shrugs the straps off her shoulders, the dress disappearing into the grass. Sarah’s full round bosom is braless and she is left wearing a just red bikini bottom. Betty turns and lifts her long blonde hair to allow Sarah to get to the zip on Betty’s dress. This too slips into the grass and I am left with a view of a pair of small, firm, perky nippled tits. Betty is also wearing a bikini bottom, this one sky blue, with bows at the hips where they are tied.

I came out into the countryside to get away from this sort of display, and give my aching cock a rest, but it seems that it is not to be. My dick is starting to stretch the fabric of the french knickers that I have on and so I put a hand down my shorts and straighten myself up a bit. I could (I really should), just pack up and walk away, and leave these two beautiful young girls to get on with it in the privacy that they seem to think that they have. On the other hand, my little me is enjoying the show and I realise that my hand is still down my shorts, not so much rearranging any more but encouraging instead. I don’t try to hide myself, in fact I get a little closer, but the girls are so engrossed in each other that they do not notice as I my shorts drop to the floor and I lean against the tree. I pull down the front of the knickers and take out my todger, slowly wanking as I watch the action. The girls have now sunk to their knees, and Sarah is sucking on Betty’s nipples, I can’t see any lower than waist height because of the grass, but I can see that Sarah’s right hand is obviously busy inside Betty’s bikini bottoms. Betty is massaging Sarah’s large slightly drooping boobs, rubbing the large brown nipples. Slowly, they drop out of site as they sink down into the grass.

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