Cellar mystery

Felix has discovered some old plans of the Manor.

They show 2 more cellars on the plan than I was aware of. He has also discovered what appears to be an old doorway which has been bricked up.

We have knocked a hole in the wall and shone the torch through. There is an old door a few feet in-front. Should I knock the wall down or block it back up?

Miss VV excited xx


3 thoughts on “Cellar mystery”

  1. I am getting very excited by this discovery too-triple winks…
    My vote is continue your exploration Hybrid. See what is behind that door before blocking up the opening or tearing down the wall.

    The old cellars could have potential they could be new dungeons, extra tuiton space -winks.
    If they are too creepy, feel free to seal it up. There really is only one way to find out-winks to the screen…
    Let us know how you get on.

  2. Oh Devil, you are way ahead of the game here. I already have missdevious plans at an advanced stage xx

  3. Excellent Hybrid,

    Yyyyeeessssss mmmyyyy ppprreccciiiooouuusss????-hhhhaa
    Great erotic minds think alike Hybrid-winks….

    I sense you already have something verry erotic in mind for how you will use them. Dont you goddess??????hhhaaaaa
    Thats my girl…

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