8 thoughts on “Showing Lucy how to back onto one.”

  1. I am on the same path as Hybrid regarding Lucy..
    She is a great assistant and has vast potential as a Erotic superstar within Hybrid’s Estate.

    They have such sensual chemistry between them my screen is fogged up just gazing upon this set…. Hybrid can see Lucy’s potential and Lucy herself loves to be shown the ropes…

    Perfect twosome Rock on Hybrid and Lucy-triple winks to the screen…. You have this Devil under your spell…

  2. Lucy….I can’t stop looking at you…if I promiss you a rosegarden will you marry me? Or an overactive cock perhaps?

  3. Oh Devil, I know you have a huge attraction towards dear Lucy, she gives me a damp patch too. I like having the Devil spell bound xx

  4. It is my pleasure to be spell bound by you and Lucy, my Hybrid-Hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

    Lucy is a extremely super sexy starlet who I would just love to play with- no malice intended but I relay it in the most lustful words possible for a blog-winks to the screen….

    But yes this Devil would love to summon dear Lucy to his realm… (There are a few more Manor maidens that would get a invite including the Dark Mistress herself)

    Oooooo yes that damp patch could well become a river of desire hey Hybrid??????-devilish grin….

  5. Dear Devil.

    Lucy is not as innocent as she pretends.

    She was able to engulf everything that I threw at her.

    She was very wet by the time she was dresses.

    Miss Hybrid xx

  6. I agree with you Hybrid.
    My minions tell me Lucy is a sexual firecracker. A rising seductress and huntress.
    But they are telling me inoformation on Lucy I know already….Winks towards Lucy’s direction if she reads this comment….

    O I sensed Lucy had the dark side within her the second she did her first set of pictures and clips with you Hybrid….
    It drives me mental with desire everytime I see her…
    (Not leaving anyone else in the Manor out of course-hhhaaaaaa)

  7. Dear Devil,

    Some members of the staff will not be happy with your last paragraph. I will try and calm down any revolt. Quadruple winks to the screen

    Miss Miss Miss xxx

  8. The Devil would not be the Devil if he did not cause conflict in Paradise , would I my Dark Queen??????-hhhhaaaaaaaaaaa…..
    But I needed a very sexy Angel to praise so I could make other very sexy Angels jealous-winks…
    So I picked Lucy because her name is actually a short version of one of my own- Lucifer
    (Had to stick that in-hhhhaaaaaaaa)

    I called to Lucy in her sleep who was only too delighted to serve me…
    Hybrid you will be pleased when I say to you
    Lucy served me well….
    (There is probably going to be war now but you know it is only me taping into my creative side)

    I bet Lucy is smiling very boardly-winks to the screen.. That’s my girl-winks…
    Sounds to me you may have a uprising on your hands, Hybrid?? Do you need support my love?

    I could send up three divisions of my horniness minions upstairs to play with any maid who may feel I left them out-grins to the screen….

    But my minions have such lust for the maids they may not want to leave so soon. (The truth is I desire them all-hhhaaaa) I would not rule out the inevitability of the odd orgy or several-hhhaaaaaaa.
    The offer of reinforcements is there unless of course you have the power to put down any revolt. Do you require them Hybrid?….Ooooooooo say yyessss my goddess-lol…

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