Coming soon, later today, hopefully!


oh yes

oh yes yes yes

someone turn the power off.

I am going to come to death.

Please Help

Too late xx

Right, thats my pussy done,….


My poor arse

I will be adding my latest Sybian video to the site. The rampant machine insists on fucking my arse, I am powerless to defend myself.

Miss Hybrid sybian

9 thoughts on “Coming soon, later today, hopefully!”

  1. Noooooo…Turn the power off now…I’ll come and help you…..Nasty sybian, let 1BB take over 🙂
    Let’s face it, the sybian won’t lick you clean afterwards, and it can only work on one part of you at a time…..Just one example of where man is better than machine…hands, tongue, much mare to offer than a substitute 🙂
    And what happens if it breaks a rod?? Now that could be really nasty!!!


  2. Mmmm,

    I think you’ll find that table isn’t an antique, but a fake!! On close examination, there is one axe wound which is very fresh and recent…in fact it’s still weeeping and hasn’t healed up yet….Thank Fuck 🙂


  3. hi there, i am a new member to your site, i must say it is wonderful.

    There seems to be a problem with the newest movie, the link to the actual file does not work.

    I just thought you should know, keep up the good work.

    Alastair. x

  4. you are right sweetie. you wouldnt want a broken rod banging about. I need a bigger dildo on it though as there is a bit of slap. I have no idea what that means but when I worked on the reception at a local garage I was fucking two of the mechanics in the store room.
    One of them had a huge thick cock. I was bent over giving his mate a blow job while he was trying to work his ridiculously thick cock up me and he said….”there is no slap up there”……….am I rambling? Coat Please….and the knickers

  5. Alastair,
    Thank you for joining..
    Thank you for the lovely comment too.
    Thank you also for pointing out to the whole world that I fucked up my update.x
    I think you are refering to the Syban one, well I hope you are or else there are 2 fuck ups.
    I had been trying to cut 1hr of bouncing up and down and countless orgasms into 14 minutes.
    My pussy was soaked I had had to stop twice already for a rabbit break, I had opened the Chablis some time earlier, and I cocked up.
    1BB who is my senior critic and complainer also contacted me. (he was more discrete and did it by emai)
    So i have, I hope fixed it……unlike1BB’s bike which is still broken.
    Miss Hybrid x

  6. LOL, no it isn’t….cum for a spin, you’ll love the vibes…..just as good as your sybian 🙂

    Oh. by the way, if you can’t find your knickers, it’s because you left them behind last time…and I’m not giving them back, they smell wonderful….you looked cute tottering back home in just your fur coat! When shall we do it again??…ooops, I was meant to be discrete, too late now….sorryyyy

    You should know by know I don’t complain, moaning is something different, and I had you doing a lot of it too 🙂


  7. Actually, I just remembered how much trouble you caused the last time we went out for a spin…I could hear this rattling/jingling sound, and I had to take the engine apart again, I was sure my big end was worn out again …..but it was just your piercings ringing as you ground yourself harder into the saddle….that stain will never cum out:-) I was going to get the crank rebalanced to dampen the vibes, but you convinced me not to!
    Still, it is a pleasant reminder of our last ride together !!


  8. You already know what I am going to say goddess????-lol….
    Give your super tight curveous bum to the Sybian in the same way you yielded your equally super hot volcanic pussy -Ooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaahhhhhhhh goddess,,,,,My ideal position for you would be the 180 degree splits but I dont want to send you to Accident and Emergency////
    I saw the lates clip of you mounted upon the Sybian…………. My shaft is up ssssssoooooo erecttttttt right now it seems it has a dirty mind of its own…..Thank you Hybrid,,,,

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