Wow, I love getting stories written about me. x (1BestBoy suggests you add a comment of what I said next)

During my last trip to the South of France I had the most irritating event happening to me. It all started with taking delivery of our wine for the house. We always make sure we have the cellars well stocked which get from the local wine merchant. Lord B and the guy go way back to the days when I was not in the picture yet and we have not changed our ways. Anyway, we put in our order for delivery that afternoon and I did not worry about it as I took a nap by the poolside. I must have dozed off as I was awakened by the sound of the bell of the side door of the house (tradesmen dont get access to the house through the main door) and the seemed to be no one answering the door. Obviously as I was minding my own business in my own house I had not bothered to wear a bikini or anything and besides that I was all oiled up to get the most beautiful sun tan. This also meant that I was in no state to open the door to anyone.

The sound however did not stop and after some 5 minutes I could bear it no longer. I was utterly annoyed that none of the staff could be bothered to answer the door and all I could do was get up, slap a towel around me and I went to check who was irritating the daylight out of me. I looked through the small window next to the door and all I could see was the van of the wine merchant. I thought what the hell, the old geezer is in no position to do anything so I opened the door to let him do his delivery. As soon as I saw through the door opening my mind changed to taking a whole other sort of delivery.

There must have been a change in ownership or whatever but this was definitely not the guy running the wine merchant. I barely managed to hold on to my towel which seemed to have shrunk to minuscle proportions as I gazed at the yound stud standing there with a grin on his face.he was clearly pleasantly surprised as well as he took me in from top to toe and back again. I was holding on to the towel but it was only coveruing part of my body and clearly the top of my tits were on display in their shiny state. As I tried to correct my cover I could only do it in such a way that my cunt came into view including my pierced lips…

I only just about managed to ask him if he was there to deliver the wine we ordered which he confirmed. I showed him the door to the cellars and made sure I decended ahead of him. As if he had not seen anything yet. When we got downstairs I switched on the lights and showed him where he could put the boxes. I then took a close look at him seeing that he seemed to have all the right equipment in the right place. He was wearing tight jeans which made things a lot easier to spot and on top of that he was wearing a white tshirt with some French nonsense on it. I told him I would wait here for him to bring the second lot of boxes down and I started to think of a plan for some fun.

When he came downstairs again I walked up just behind him when he was putting down the boxes of wine. I put my hand in his thick black hair and my other on his ever so tight backside. I then moved my hand slowly from his backside to the front where I found his well shaped hard cock. In the meantime he did not move and he seemed frozen in shock. As if I cared. I grabbed his hair and whispered in his ear …………………to be cuntinued!


11 thoughts on “Wow, I love getting stories written about me. x (1BestBoy suggests you add a comment of what I said next)”

  1. and whispered in his ear “You’ll have to use the tradesman’s entrance next time” 🙂


  2. Why have your cheeks gone all Rose’??

    Now,if you wouldn’t mind getting your Pinot out, I can show you that I’m none too Chablis whne it comes to pulling your cork 🙂


  3. you’re driving me crazy with these pictures of you wearing leather gloves. and now fur, sexy boots and those ridiculous nipples of yours. absolutely amazing.

  4. What is French for
    “Would you like a cup of tea??????”
    Only joking chances are it went more like this as our sex goddess got straight to the point-triple winks ….
    “Ride Miss Hybrid right now you sex god you”
    (French translator get typing please????-lol…..

    I can actually see Hybrid in my mind in the towel…
    and I am loooosssingggg it here-lol..
    Because I was not the lucky guy making the delivery while she was in France……
    As for the pic above
    (This Devil is in a very lusty hypothic trance right now so this is his deputy having to sign off this comment for him-lol….But judging from his mouth open with salvia like a waterfall, Hybrid knows it has the two of them banging like Hell rabbits-lol…)

  5. And you wonder why I spend so much time on my knees when i visit your website ? My right hand is so tired

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