Cycle with Miss Hybrid

I found this om my forum…….

There I was, just out walking on a fine sunny Autumn afternoon. There was a chill in the air, but the brisk walk was keeping me warm and I was enjoying the country lanes. Around the corner, without any warning, came a cyclist going full pelt. The rider noticed me a fraction too late and I was sent sprawling into the ditch at the side of the road. The cyclist did not fare much better. On attempting to swerve out of the way they had ended up in the bushes on the other side of the road.
Furious, I brushed myself off and strode over the road the give them a piece of my mind.
“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING”, we shout in tandem.
I find myself looking into the angry face of a rather beautiful and well endowed brunette. Her tight cycling top has torn across her right breast freeing the obviously constricted contents and revealing her nipple.
I can only stand and stare for a moment, until she wakes me from my reverie.
“Don’t just stand there”, she says, “help me up”
I offer my hand and she pulls herself up. There is a light scratch across the exposed flesh, but otherwise, there seems to be no harm done.
The bike, on the other hand, has not fared quite so well. The front wheel is very obviously bent out of commission.
“Bugger”, she exclaims as she bends over to examine it.
The sight of the tight lycra stretched over her perfect arse makes me think exactly the same thing, and my cock starts to rise in my loose shorts.
She glances around at me and cannot fail to have noticed my rapidly growing bulge.
“You’ll have to help me carry this back home”, she tells me. “It’s only a couple of miles across country”
She makes no attempt to cover up her naked breast as she hands me her bike.
“This way”
I just stand there for a moment, with my mouth agape, holding the bike and then follow as she steps over the ditch that she knocked me into and over the fence.
She stays at least 4 paces ahead of me as we cross the field, stopping as we enter a small copse of trees.
“Are you enjoying the view?”, she asks.
“Yes”, I reply, “I love the rural countryside”
“Fuck the countryside, I was talking about my arse”, she says.
I swallow, surprised.
“Errm, yes, errrm, very nice”
“I noticed your reaction earlier”, she tells me, “How would you like to fuck it?”
I can hardly believe my ears.
“Oh god, yes!”, I breathe.
“Take off your shorts”, she instructs.
I do so and my erection spring free through the fly in my boxers.
“Nice”, she reacts.