Wait in my dungeon

I stood there in silence, alone, naked, waiting. My ankles and wrists were attached to a large X frame. A silk hood has been placed over my head, the only opening at my mouth and nose to breathe. Just darkness and silence as companions.

I must have been there for half an hour at least, maybe more. I had lost my sense of time. At first I had been so aroused, the sweet anticipation of what was to come. But as I heard my mistress retreat, closing the door behind her, my arousal and anticipation changed to disappointment to mild concern, even some anxiety at being left alone in the darkness, alone with my own thoughts.

Just as my legs and up-stretched arms began to ache, I heard a door opening in the distance below me, followed by the clack-clack sound of heels mounting the wooden stairs, approaching the room in which I was held captive. Once at the top of the stairs, the sound of footfalls stopped, pitching me back into blackness and silence.

Seconds now felt like minutes and minutes, hours as I waited to find out my fate. What I had first imagined as a single person now became two as the clack of boots moved in two directions from the top of the stairs, one circling from the left, the other from the right.

As the footsteps came closer I could smell the scent of two women. One was the familiar smell of my mistress, the second I had not had the pleasure of before. I felt the soft breathing of the two either side of me then a light touch on both my arms. I could sense, almost feel the two women lean into me, but instead of meeting me half way the two leaned further into each other. I heard their mouths softly meet, soft murmurs coming from them as I imagined their tongues fighting with each other, transferring their juices, searching for the deeper darker recesses of their mouths.

As a hand held my upper arm, the other pressed onto my bare chest as the two pushed harder and more lustily into each other.

By now blood had started to flow to my soft penis, pumping it full, pushing it upwards, searching out for a mate. The anticipation of waiting alone and in the dark, now smelling the sweet allure of not one but two horny women had made my cock almost uncomfortably hard. I wanted to hold it, draw back the foreskin, unsheathe my bulbous helmet but I couldn’t move. In my mind I begged the women to grab me, wet my cock and stroke me, but I knew I couldn’t form these thoughts into words. My mistress and been quite clear earlier, if I uttered a word, begged for anything, then I would be punished. All I could do was push my hips forward in the hope that relief would come soon.

The stranger to my right nuzzled at my neck, her tongue slowly moving downward, over my collarbone, her mouth engulfed my nipple. The tip of her tongue flicked over it repeatedly. Fuck me, I was loving it. I pushed my chest out, encouraging her to keep suckling at me. I lifted my head up to the ceiling and let out at satisfied moan.

It was then that I heard the clack-clack of my mistress walking away from me, pausing for a moment then returning. Immediately she engulfed my other nipple, gently biting at the little erect tip. “Oh fuck, suck me Miss,” I moaned.

I heard the swish through the air first.

Moments after my mistress pulled away I heard it, and then I felt the sharp pain on the side of my bare buttock as the leather crop found its mark.

“Shhhhshhhhh sweetie,” she whispered into my ear. “Don’t utter another single, fucking word. Not unless you really want me to punish you.”

I shook my head in the negative. I didn’t want to be punished, I wanted my cock sucked.

As my tormentors licked and sucked at my nipples I began to tremble. Not physically but internally. My insides where twisting and turning as everything started to boil up inside me. I tried to concentrate just on my nipples as I feared that my cock would explode with cum any second.

I don’t know if the women sensed this or not, but at that moment both pulled away from me and I was left there alone. I knew both were still close, my heightened sense of hearing picking up their breathing. There was the faintest footstep away and then return. Again moments of silence. Were they communicating between themselves or were they just teasing me? These thoughts had subdued my impending climax thank god, now replaced with building apprehension as I stood in silence.

I felt a small leathery swatch of material touch my upper chest. It moved snakelike around my aroused nipples, moving up my neck and around my chin. As it stroked across my hooded cheek I felt the harder stick to which the leather was attached. It must be a riding crop or something similar I thought.

My mistress, assuming it was she, gently flicked the crop across my cheek. Not enough to hurt but certainly enough to let me know who was in control here. The crop started to travel back down to my chest, tracing a zig-zag route until it reached my lower waist. Here it hovered for a moment or two. Again anticipation began to grow within my loins. My cock still remained strained, outstretched but yet untouched.

The crop gently ran over the top of my upwardly arched stiffy, pausing at the tip and circling my opening, flicking backwards and forwards. I tried to push my cock out by pushing forward with my hips only to be greeted by a pair of latex clad hands pushing me back onto the frame.

The crop again teased my hard cock then continued it journey underneath my shaft before finding my balls. I felt a little nervous now, my tender ball sack contracting away from her touch.

Then nothing as the crop moved away from my skin.

Swish, the crop caught my left buttock, hard. I guess I yelped in pain and thrust my hips forward away from the x-frame and was immediately engulfed in a warm wet hole. The two women must have practised this before. The ultimate pain and pleasure combination. As I had thrust forward the second woman, down on her knees, had anticipated my thrust and waited for me with an eager open mouth. My cock had perfectly found her opening and she gobbled at me as soon as I entered her. The pain in my buttock was swiftly replaced with the overriding sensation of having my cock sucked and licked.

As her mouth swallowed my swollen head, I felt my mistress come to my side. One hand reached back to hold my buttock whilst her other circled around the base of my shaft. I could feel my tight foreskin being pulled back with each stroke of her soft hand, all the while the others tongue danced with my cock, flicking, circling, probing its eye. My god, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to control myself for long. Rather than fight it, I had to let these two women have me as theirs. I was feeling so horny I knew I could take more.

My mistress cupped my balls, gently pulling at them and rolling them around in the palm of her hand. Her fingers reached through between my legs, forefinger and middle finger pushing my bum cheeks apart as she rubbed them along that sensitive area between the base of my balls and my butt hole. She rubbed and teased me but never did she enter me. Perhaps I was to enjoy this pleasure later.

Whilst she played with my balls and butt, the other took me deeper into her mouth. My cock rubbed along her warm wet tongue until I felt it nudge the back of her throat. Whilst I’m not of porn star proportions, I was in ecstasy knowing that she could take my full length. Her tongue played with the underside of my shaft as she tried to take me into her just a little further. I nudged her throat and felt her gag slightly. Rather than pull away she pushed harder onto me wanting me to fill her up to the brim. Again she gagged and this time she pulled her head back. I felt my cock soaked with her saliva. Oh how I wished I could have seen it, covered in her juices, big purple head shining and glistening in the light.

Her mouth was quickly replaced with my mistress’s hand, easily wanking the now very wet shaft. I felt my pre-cum oozing out of the end. The strokes on my cock became less frenetic now, instead short pulls at the base of my dick. I couldn’t hold back a moment longer as a long stream of hot jizz flowed from the end of my throbbing cock. There was a pause in the flow as my cock twitched then another stream shot out. Again, another pause, then more hot spunk. I had never felt myself cum so strongly before. Perhaps the situation and the blindfold had taken me up to this other level.

“Fucking hell, you’ve plastered her face you dirty bastard!” I heard my captor cry. “Let me have some of his spunk.” I could only imagine the two women licking and kissing each other, sharing my hot cum between them.

Far from being spent, I now wanted more. Although my cock started to deflate, it was soon to come back to life as I felt another warm mouth take it in. I could feel the tongue stud of my mistress flick over the head, back and forth. I was now returned to full attention, as stiff as a pole, hoping to find a hotter tighter hole to fuck.

A little unexpectedly, I felt my hands being untied from the frame. Once loose I dropped them to my side, feeling the blood rush back down into them. Next my ankles were released and I felt a little confused and bemused as to what would happen next. I was expecting to be bound and used as they willed but now something else was going to happen and I didn’t know what.

One of the women, I don’t know which, pushed me rather roughly into the corner of the room, turning me so that my back pushed into the cold walls of the dungeon. A hot warm mouth took my still hard cock and sucked it deeply for a few seconds then released me. “Wank that cock. Keep it nice and hard because I’m going to use and abuse you in a minute,” my mistress sternly ordered.

I heard the sound of her boots against the wooden floor as she returned to the frame. I could faintly hear sounds emanating from the women, but I concentrated on my aching cock slowly stroking it, pulling back the foreskin, playing with my sensitive helmet. By balls were desperate to be emptied again but it was going to be my captors rather than me that brought me off.

Soon the clack-clack of her heels returned to my corner and a very slippery lubed latex gloved hand circled around my shaft, giving it a gentle stroke first then gripping tightly. She led me across the room to where I had previously been bound and positioned me carefully, legs slightly apart. Still holding my cock with one hand she moved herself so that she was positioned behind me. I felt her bare tits, nipples rock hard, pushing into my back. One hand stoked the full length of my penis from helmet to root and the other searched for my left nipple, rubbing it then tweaking it and pinching it. The swift sensation of pain was exquisite. I felt her whole body move down mine, her breasts and nipples sliding down my back.

Now that she was squatting down she adjusted her position slightly so that she was just to my side, giving her better access to continue to slowly stroke my cock. I felt her other hand rub over my buttocks, circling them, rubbing lube into my soft skin. She moved my legs slightly further apart and her hand slid down my arse cheeks and between my legs. I tensed slightly as her hand cupped my heavy ball sack. She squeezed them and pulled at them, a little rougher than I would have liked, but for now I just didn’t care. My head was lost in a wanderlust, desperate to be fucked by my mistresses.

As much as I loved having my cock wanked by the gloved hand, it was actually the hand and arm between my legs that was sending the winning sensations to my brain. As her fingers kneaded my balls, her wrist and forearm rubbed along my bum hole sliding back and forth as she tugged at me. She now released my balls with her one hand and moved the other down to the very base of my shaft, creating an ‘O’ ring around the base. Her other hand now slowly traced over my perineum, her index finger putting pressure on the sensitive skin so that when it got to my tight butt hole it started to sink into the private confines off my arse. I recoiled slightly, pushing up with my hips. As I did so the tip of my cock pushed into the soft flesh of the other woman, whom I’d almost forgotten about, lost in my own desires.

I moved my arms out in front of me and they touched the silky hips of a woman stood spread-eagle in front of me with her arse pointing out at me, her face to the X-Frame. My mistress had clearly strapped her pet to the frame. “Can you feel her arse? Do you realise that she is spread ready to accept your big hard cock? I’m going to guide your cock into her gaping arse. I’ve been spreading that lovely arse of hers while you were left here alone.”

My legs were now trembling in anticipation. Without my sight, everything else was now super-sensitive. I could smell her sex, mingled with the traces of feminine perfume. My fingers dug into the side of her bum cheeks then using my palms I spread them wide. I edged forward slightly and my mistress guided my cock to the target. I felt my tip touch the slightly rougher puckered skin around her hole. Pushing my hips forward slightly, her butt offered only a little resistance before it started to slowly open for me. I eased off the pressure for a moment as I readjusted my standing position so that I could be just a little closer. Again my cock was skilfully guided to her opening which now easily gave way under pressure. As I pushed my helmet into her, I felt her arse hole grip around me, hugging me tightly. She had been copiously lubed and my shaft sank further and further into her dark hole. Keeping her arse cheeks spread wide with my hands I pumped my hips into her creating a slow rhythm to start before building up the speed and length of stroke.

Even though I had to clench my own buttocks with each stroke, my mistress kept her finger inside my own arse. The twin sensations were bringing me to the boil. “I’m going to cum. I can’t hold on for much longer,” I moaned.

“Cum inside her arse. I’m going to suck your spunk from her arse,” my mistress cried.

Standing up on my toes, I thrust as deeply as I could inside her, pulling out then forcing my way back in. The mystery woman cried out with a mix of pleasure and pain as I pushed with all my might. Any moment now I was going to explode. Before I did I changed to a rapid, shallower rhythm. “Fucking hell you bitch, I’m gonna cum up your arse you dirty slut. Yes, yes, yes……aarrrrggghhhhhh.” With that a powerful jet of cum forced its way out of my cock deep into her bowls. I recoiled then thrust again as another load of cum erupted from me. Soon I was spent and my cock started to slip from her arse. As I did, I was roughly pushed to one side and I could hear my mistress slurping away at the bound woman.

Just listening to the two women purring and moaning as one sucked the cum from the other was an incredible sound, only to be bettered I’m sure by the actual sight of it. I was exhausted and fell in a heap just a few feet from them. For what seemed an age my mistress licked and sucked at her bound conquest, then I felt her presence next to me as she leaned over and deeply kissed me on the mouth through the opening in my mask. I was immediately hit by the taste not only of my mistress but the salty residue of my own cum as her tongue danced around my own.

“Oh you are such a good boy. I’m going to let you watch the slut fuck me with a big black dildo while you recover. I need you to regain your strength because I want you to fuck my arse too. You looked so good buried deep in her, I want you to do the same to me.”