Delivery continued….

As I whispered in his ear “you, me, fuck, now”;. I turned him around and looked at him and he looked away. The poor guy cannot have been a year over 23 or so and clearly was a little impressed by my approach. Well, whatever, he had a duty to fulfil and by the looks of it he was ready for it. I kept his hard cock in my hand through his jeans and grabbed his jaw. I kissed him full on the mouth and finally he did respond. I then moved him away from the boxes when suddenly he seemed to wake up out his shock. He took my hands and this caused the towel to drop which he did not seemed bothered about. He moved me to one of the big barrels which we had in the cellars and made me bend over forward on one of them…
It felt a little strange to let him take full control but I decided to let him have his way. Although I was on my stomach bent over this barrel I could feel his cock had grown to an enormous size. The next thing that happened made me raise my eyebrows but by then I was already so fucking horny I did not really think about it. He managed to quickly tie my hands to the side of the barrel and my feet to the floor. So there I was spread eagle and completely naked whilst the young stud with no name was fully dressed and standing behind me. I could hear him laugh as he undid his trousers.

He started to walk around the barrel as he mumbled some incomprehensible words in French all of which seemed rather pleasant. I think he said something like put it in or putain or so. When he reached the front he got a hold of my long black hair and pulled it up. this made my mouth gape and before I knew it I had his cock inside it. It was big indeed. Lord B would be pleased with the footage of this delivery. I started sucking his cock as if my life depended on it and I could feel his precum drip into my mouth and throat. He then pulled back and put is hand on my back and moved around the back making me eager with anticipation that he would enter me from behind. I felt his hand turn into a fist and I remember feeling glad I was all oiled up. I mean he did have small hands but still a fist in one go hurts even for an experienced arse fuckee such as myself.

To my suprise nothing of the sort happened. Instead I felt something cold and smooth enter my cunt and quickly after that the same shape entered my arse. He then touched my clit and with a scream I had my orgasm. I do not actually recall having an orgasm in the cellars in the house in France but there is a first for everything I suppose. I don’t know how but I managed to hold on to the two whatever they were things in my arse and cunt when he walked around the front again. He had his cock in his hand and again he said something like “open” so I opened my mouth in anticipation. Instead he laughed, had three more wanks and then came all over my hair, eyes and face. He laughed again and emptied my cunt and arse.he then put two full bottles of wine in front of me both vintage years of Chateau Grand Cunte. He left me with a quick kiss on the lips which were still soaked in his cum.

Guess what Lord B said when he found me there a few hours later…

4 thoughts on “Delivery continued….”

  1. “How did you manage to tie yourself to the barrel in such a extremelyyyyy vulnerable position darling????????”-triple winks……
    No pun intended superbabe Of course our Hybrid would think up the perfect cover shorty …..His Lordship would find this vission sextremelyyyyyyy stimulating-lol…… Yeah he would fondle your bare goddess bode wouldnt he Hybrid????????????-lolll……If it were me, oooooooooooooooo I would rrrrrrriiiiiiiidddddeeeeeeeee Hybrid’s bum and pussy, with gutso, fondle her volcanic bode massage and grope from head to toe ………Yeah the afternnon tour to Paris would have to be cancelled …..So would the vist to the Lourve and Versailles-lol….

  2. Latest instalment on Miss Hybrids new interactive site 🙂

    And Lord B said “My dear, your supposed to use a corkscrew to open the wine, not your pussy…although I must admit it certainly adds to the bouquet of a fine wine” as he licked his lips and savoured the aroma.

  3. What’s that on your lips my darling, you look like the cat who got creamed 🙂


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