11 thoughts on “naughty me”

  1. OMG,

    I would love to catch the end of that chain, and lead you to wherever you wanted to go, and I’d pull it out with my teeth and lick your sweet juices from each link, one by one as they came out….very slowly.

    It is a strange place to hide your keys though!! 🙂


  2. What do you do when you’re shopping and you need some “loose chainge” 🙂


  3. I’ll gladly be chained to Miss Hybrid, she can drag me around behind her any time she likes 🙂

  4. lovely picture, and i like that chain… ‘d love to have you walking next to me to hear and see that chain peeping out under your -short- skirt

    my compliments… and…. go on piercing.. i love metal in a woman

  5. I have two questions, how does it feel, when you walk around with the chain in and on your pussy ?
    And, isn’t it the next step to have a chain in your arse, too?
    The used chain will be a perfect present for your fans. Its a good time to open an hybrid online-shop.

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