Discipline at work

Its very frustrating when you examine your maids pussy ahead of the party and its perfect. You leave her alone and ten minutes later, she has been creampied, among other things.

This is one of 200 photos that accompany the video. More can be found on my site and on our Forum along with some rather sneaky stuff my Felix


4 thoughts on “Discipline at work”

  1. I agree with you Hybrid-winks…It is extremely annoying. Everything a million percent then ten minutes later, panic stations as your best laid plans end up on the backburner-lol…

    I mean you only left the room for ten minutes-winks…Wow the driver must reaallyyy have lusted for Michelle, who probably is discovering she is a dark angel in the service of her dark mistress-harmless winks…I admit, I would have played with her myself…
    The driver has to be punished definitely-hhhaaaaaaa.
    Michelle????Yes what to do with Michelle????-hhhaaaaaa
    I would send her to the table room for questioning on Protocol for Staff before any party …..

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