Caught and Punished

Bugger! I just got caught photographing Michelle and Stefan. I had successfully got a few shots of Miss Hybrid giving Michelle a little light discipline while she was being checked for this evening’s party and managed to avoid being spotted when Miss H left Michelle alone. I avoided Stefan as he came down the corridor and spotted Michelle examining her chastised rear, and as he went in and offered some comfort. I got a few nice shots of him rubbing her nether regions in a not altogether unsoothing manner. The problem was that I was so engrossed in what was going on between them, stroking my not insubstantial erection and taking some compromising pictures that I totally failed to notice Miss Hybrid coming back until I heard the swish of the long whippy cane that she had been using on Michelle earlier and the sharp pain as it smacked across my arse. Michelle and Stefan looked up straight at me as my contracting finger hit the shutter once more.

“Caught you, you little worm”, she growls. “What did I say would happen if I caught you?”

“Errm, I, um”, I stutter, totally taken by surprise.

“What did I say would happen”, she restates grabbing an ear and pulling me to my feet, like a naughty schoolboy.

She glances over at Michelle and Stefan who are frozen in place, Stefan’s finger probing Michelle’s wet cunt through her split crotch panties, but does not really seem to notice them and she is concentrating on what I am up to.

“Carry on.” she says, absentmindedly, “Don’t mind me and Felix”

Her demeanour changes when she turns back to me.

“What did I tell you?”, she spits out.

“I would be punished?”, I venture.

“Right”, she says. “Now come with me”

Still holding my ear, she takes a swipe at arse with her cane once more, catching me squarely across the cheeks.

“OW, Bloody hell, that hurt”. The words were out of my mouth before I could catch them.

“OH IT FUCKING HURT DID IT”, she yells in my face, “WELL THERE’S MORE OF THAT TO COME”, and she yanks harder on my ear and canes me once more.

I keep the yelp inside and meekly follow my ear.

“I have a party starting in under an hour, and you are fucking well playing at photographer. Well, I have a very important job for you”.

She drags me along, my now limp dick hanging forlornly from my flies, every five or six steps punctuated by the crack of the cane on my backside.

Continued in Miss Hybrids Members area…….

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