Getting it in the ass

As I had agreed to meet with mummy later in the afternoon I decided I needed to see my banker urgently. I told him I was in town and needed his presence in good old Claridges. He has been made perfectly aware that a trip to Claridges entails him making a good use of time, by getting to fuck me and although he was sworn to confidentiality and loyalty to Lord B, I have by now obtained full controlled of his brain, both the big one and the tiny one down there.

When I entered through the large doors into the lobby there must have been about 20 people who turned their head. My banker was strewn in one of the old chairs they have sitting on the marbled floors and he smiled in appreciation of what he saw. I had dressed in a short red dress with a black leather corset emphasising my already abundant curves. My hair was in a ponytail and my lips were matching the bright red of the dress. Next to that I decided to kill any doubt as to intentions by putting on my 6 inch patent black pumps. I loved the sound they made on the floor. I think some of the men were about to faint whilst others were close to a heart attack.

My banker J got up and walked to me, He took my hand, briefly kissed it the proper way and then looked up and softly whispered into my ear that he was going to fuck my brains out. And he smiled. You see, that is what I like about my banker. Always giving proper advice. We decided to leave the hotel for what it was and walked to a pub just around the corner. I like being amongst the common people. I think they like me amongst them as well; especially the guys.

There were a few people downstairs and we sat down at a table in the middle of the room. J got us a bottle of Veuve and we toasted to good health and things to come. He put his hand on my thigh and squeezed me softly and then harder. I told him I needed to be fucked badly and on that note he raised his eyebrows. He moved closer to me and told me he would take care of it. He then kissed me intensely, playing with my tongue and I grabbed his cock through his trousers. I love my bankers cock as you know. I love his size, his shape and I love it when he comes into me.

J put his hands on the side of my tits and smiled at me. He told me my tits looked great but was it not a shame they were so badly out of view. He loves my tits and he loves my nipples. He buried his head in my neck and squeezed my nipples which I felt straight into my clit. He then grabbed my hair and told me he was going to fuck me there and then. Now I have been fucked in a pub before but that was in the back and in the men’s room. Being fucked in the actual pub was a novelty to me. I looked around and saw that there were still two other guys there as well as the girl behind the bar. When I looked at her she smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

I was lifted off my chair and suddenly I found myself face down on the table.

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