Going to see Mummy

I am going to see my Mummy this weekend. So i have packed essentials. Dildo, double ender, butt plugs and boots.

I will keep you informed x


1:30 pm

Just had a lovely lunch in my favotite Italian, just off the motorway. I swapped a blow job for  a very rare fillet steak. I guess you could call it  falatio fillet with Italian dressing.

4 thoughts on “Going to see Mummy”

  1. Mmm, so you’ve packed all mummy’s favourite toys!! Send my apologies that I won’t be able to make it this weekend 🙁

    Have fun !!


  2. Hmm, so you had Salami for starters with garlic mayonnaise, steak tart-are for main course, and you were the dessert….sounds like a well balances diet to me!!!:-)


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