Going Shooting

I am just about to go shooting for a few days…I have a late invitation to Scotland….A late invitation, in my experience,  usually means that the Lady / Tart / Entertainment/ Stripper/ that had been booked has cancelled at short notice. This leave a group of horny men with hardons and worried looks making lots of phone calls…..Obviouslu I accepted immediatley ..I am taking Katie with me as I will be among quite a large group and I may need reinforcements. We are being picked up shortly. I will be taking my laptop so will reply as signal/ shooting/ drinking/ entertaining permits xx

Obviously I will be updating my site daily, as usual x

5 thoughts on “Going Shooting”

  1. Ooooh, there’ll be banging in the hills tonight 🙂

    Have a great time


  2. You will have a great time in Scotland Hybrid…….I admit I am very jealous right now-lol…..All those horny guys playing with my goddess and her friend…..She is right to take Katie with her……Our Hybrid is a great entertainer and she proves that with misshybrid.com So when opportunities like this arrives, ooooooooooo Hybrid is in her sexual element. Those guys better prepare for A Hybrid superstorm of erotism, kink and earth shattering sexual magic…..

  3. Happy Birthday!! Miss Hybrid, you are a scorpio aren’t you?
    have a relaxing and sexy time up there in the scottish lands!
    Love to you

  4. So beautiful you are Miss Hybrid I can only drool and dream of you if only to touch one inch of your boot would make me happy

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