Update done on the 25th Oct with 6 hours to spare!

Well it maybe 5 hrs if you didnt put your clock back…

I have been up a mountain with my laptop and mobile broadband thingi for 2 fucking hours trying to do my update.

I am currently sat in my 4×4.

Outside its raining but inside its wet.

Miss Hybrid thigh boots butt plug

I really wanted to get it done as I am so proud of it,, I think its the best ever. I am wearing a vampy, laced girdle/ suspender belt, stockings and thigh high boots. I have a large diameter,( 50mm for the technically minded,)  jeweled, stainless steel, butt plug up my ass. I then somehow manage to sit onto a large suction vibrator.

I have now managed to complete the upload. so its back to the Lodge, hot bath, cold Chablis, log fire and see what I can get up. I have left Katie sleeping as she had a hectic night.. but the guest may have woken her for further use by now…

Full report later…..


Miss Hybrid x

5 thoughts on “Update done on the 25th Oct with 6 hours to spare!”

  1. WOW,

    for once I’m almost speechless. That is one I’ve been waiting for since I saw the previews! Stunning, Superb, Beautiful…..pass the tissues please 🙂


  2. Never mind the Star of India, that has to be the most exquisite jewel in the world….and the setting is perfect………bet they couldn’t match that in Hatton Garden 🙂


  3. Oh yes Miss!, I will get on my knees and kiss your royal ass, just please keep turning around and looking at me like that with those sexy cosmetic eyes!!!!

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