Having finger licking fun…

Before any smart arse says anything….I know the sauna wasnt switched on. I tried to do it hot but the camera went all sweaty, the fucking photographer had a hard on sweat on and a rapid faint on.

After biving him another blow job to bring him round I thought, “fuck it I’ll just have to imagine its on”

I nearly put all my hand up, (thats up, me not the photographer) . I can, quite easily but given the tent forming in the photographers trousers and the sweat on his forehead, I left it at four fingers and my thumb.

11 thoughts on “Having finger licking fun…”

  1. I bet your fingers tasted of chocolate….after all, you get four fingers in a Kit-Kat 🙂


  2. mmm, It looks like you got nice and loo-se to start with!! Lucky photographer, but if he was a real man he should have sweated it out…..although, I’d much prefer you to suck it out personally 🙂


  3. And that’s brought me out in a sweat and it’s fucking baltic down here too!!


  4. 1BB,
    Thank you for taking the time to comment.
    I am going for a soak in my huge bath with a very good friend.
    Its an 18 inch double ender and that means both get 9 inch… well near enough as the curve is small when hot xxx


    Miss Hybrid xx

  5. Yes darling, but your curves are perfection!!!

    Hope you had a nice soak…really that bath was made for 2, then we could both work up a steamy session


  6. Dear Mr Ringon with a silent t. You say the nicest things. I thought I would leave it turned off so you didnt need to bother removing your coat x

  7. Hybrid it is the supernoval heat from your super hot bode which rose up the temperature big time…..It must have beeeeeen cccccccccccooooooooooookkkkingggggg in that sauna room and why wouldn’t it?????????
    Cricky I have a huge erection and am erupting with sweat just looking at the pic above ……..The fire from Hybrid above is overpowering beyong any words I can say……. If the sauna were switched on, everyone would be passed out. Did ye see the sauna vid clip on Hybrid’s front page lads????????? Hybrid is sex in its purest and most elemental form…… The way we desire it-lol…. Great job goddess-lol..

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