I love this… so much better than being at school xx

Remember the banker who was fucking my brains out a few weeks ago. I decided I liked him a lot more than I should so I paid him another visit. I went into his office without giving him any notice and did not say a word. Just left him a note telling him to get his arse over to Claridges.

I had booked a room in the hotel a few hours before making some specific requirements known to the staff. Champagne was on ice and I was on maximum heat. I remembered his cock very well from our last meeting and I was eager to get some more out of him. There was no doubt in my mind that he would show even though I did not give him the chance to read my note in my presence.

Expecting him to arrive shortly I quickly dressed for the occasion, I made sure my hair was tied up in a ponytail and I applied a nice touch of make-up taking special care of the fire red lipstick. Obviously I did not worry about putting on any underwear and I had packed my favourite black leather bustier which I put on making my lines even more feminie than they normally are. I subsequently decided on a tight pair of black leather trousers with which I wore my recently acquired pair of bright red Louboutins. Lookng in the mirror I could not help myself touching my tits, cunt and licking my fingers. At least I knew if he did not show I would be fucking myself senseless.

There was a gentle knock on the door and a cough at the same time. Showtime! I opened the door and he entered. The room that is. He was dressed in a dark blue pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a red silk tie. He made me feel hungry. I closed the door behind him and looked at him. Wearing my 6″ shoes I was actually the same height as he is so I could look him straight in the eye. I looked at him and he looked at me, not a word was spoken.

I smiled at him and and took him by the tie toward the bottle of Veuve waiting to be uncorked. I simply pointed at the bottle and then sat down on the couch, crossing my legs. He did his duty with the bottle and poured two glasses. He sat down next to me but I shoook my head and pointed to the floor. To my immense pleasure he took notice and actually sat on the floor by my feet. I think this particularl moment was defining for the rest of the night.

He said: “Cheers Hybrid” and I said “That is Cheers Miss Hybrid for you Jan”. He looked up at me and sipped his champagne. He knew the consequences when he felt the heel of my shoe immediately into his crotch. I told him to take his clothes off to which he started to object. I only had to push a little harder to make him plead  and he started to undo his buttons. I was paying close attention as to find out what he looked like as last time I did not really have the chance when things moved so quickly.

He was quite fit and when he took of his trousers I saw that he was to some extent playing in my league: no knickers. His cock was already on full alert and he looked quite attractive actually, dressed in a glass of champagne. I told him to stand up and turn which he did. I looked at him sideways and I was pleased that the 7″ equipment was all ready for action. I told him to go into the next room and get on the bed on his back. He disappeared into the bedroom and that gave me a chance to quickly inspect my eagerness. I could nearly not contain myself when I put my hand in my trousers and felt I was wet as ever. Fortunately I had put in my little toy touching all the right parts and I would have come there and then if he had not been in the next room.

I got up and put on a pair of red leather opera gloves making my outfit balanced and complete. They were a natural match with the colour of my lipstick and shoes. I looked in the mirror for a final check and then took my glass into the room nextdoor. He was there alright, eagerly awaiting my entrance as he was holding his cock. He had clearly been upto no good and I told him to take his hand off his cock right away. He did so and I walked up beside him and looked at him telling him to not ever contemplate doing that again in my quarters. I took his hands and placed them behind his head where I tied them to the back of the old iron bed.

I sat down next to him and put my gloved hand on his stomach moving it slowly up to his chin. When I got to his throat I stopped, looked him in the eye and squeezed gently. My other hand went the other direction ending on his erect cock and squeezing his balls. He made no noise. He was a good student. I then moved my mouth over his holding his cock and kissed him. I felt his tongue playing with my piercing and I felt his cock tremble as I squeezed a little harder.

I then got onto the bed between his legs and started pumping his cock. I took it into my mouth and I could already taste the precum which head formed on his head. I swallowed and he started making noises as if he was enjoying it. He put his head back and I wanked harder on his cock. I knew he would not last. I put my mouth back on his cock and sucked some more. I then stopped and he opened his eyes. I then took both his legs and moved them up folding him in a way and making his arse come up. And what a lovely virgin arse it was.

I grabbed his cock again with my right hand leaning my shoulders into the back of his thighs. I told him to open his eyes and keep them open and then showed him my left middle finger. I suck my gloved finger and he knew what was going to happen. I think I saw fear in his eyes when my hand moved down. I squeezed harder on his cock and at the same time made my lubed fnger enter his arse. I then put my mouth back on his cock and fully entered with my finger into his relaxed hole. And then I squeezed one final time before he came into my mouth. I swallowed and I came. And squeezed the last bit of juice out. In my view only then the night could really start…

2 thoughts on “I love this… so much better than being at school xx”

  1. Lucky banker!

    It’s obvious that he knows that you have to leave your deposit in for maximum effect! After all, as soon as you make a withdrawal you quickly lose interest…….unless it’s with Miss Hybrid, then a hasty lodgement is in order again. Double entry is the only way to keep the books balanced in this situation 🙂


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