Returning home after visiting Mummy.

I went to see the old tart for a long weekend. Just took the essential in a case…..incase!

I was desperate for a wee, so as soon as I was through the gates I couldnt wait.

When I finally got into the house, I watered the very sad looking plant, went to my dressing room and horror.








Miss Hybrid stockings

My cheap tart of a maid Katie had gone through all my things. She had even worn my knickers. Worse still, there was fresh cum in them. It did taste nice mingled with her juices, but it is taking the piss a bit. Even worse was the fact I couldnt find her to give her a proper lick out.

13 thoughts on “Returning home after visiting Mummy.”

  1. Bloody staff, you just can’t get good slaves ….ooops, I mean servants, nowadays!! I’ll bet she was shagging the driver, thats why the bastard wasn’t there to collect you from the station and made you walk home alone! To the dungeon with them both and make them suffer….again!! !!!!!!!


  2. Fuck me
    you are so quick…the post has only been up a few minutes …………….A bit like last time we fucked… Now havnt you got some work to do?

  3. But you as her mistress you have to go to the dungeon, too.
    It’s your neglet of domination, when they are doing what they want. You have learn to enhance your leadership by pain.

  4. I let them miss behave so I can punish them…its very simple….. then I can get my knickers wet

  5. Be honestly, you like to sniff at her knickers. You like to sniff and taste foreign cum and piss.

  6. One comment to your outfit, that you get home without fucked your arse, its a miracle. Is your pussy still wet by piss?

  7. hehe, you were almost as quick this time! With more practice we’ll get there at the same time 😉 of course I have work to do, you always make sure of that mistress!!! Now I have RSI in my thumb, hope it will be better later 😉 XXXXXXXXX

  8. Miss Hybrid’s staff wouldn’t be allowed to have pissy knickers….they have daily inspections, and if anyone doesn’t meet the high standards, then it’s off to the dungeon with them!!

  9. Hmmm, it’s beginning to sound like it was a case of double-entendres you had 🙂


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