I am back home Thursday after a very hard few days

I cant wait to get back home.

Its been great fun up here but I will need some sleep soon.

When you have 8 horny men, each one competing to do everything better than the others, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Katie has not stopped smiling since we go picked up…She wasted no time and was having her pussy licked by the time we were out of the gates.

I played hard to get and waited until we were on the motorway.

I hope my inbox will be rammed full of horny emails when I get home…

I will answer them tomorrow afternoon

Thank you for all the lovely comments on here x

Miss Hybrid x

4 thoughts on “I am back home Thursday after a very hard few days”

  1. Welcome home Miss Hybrid,

    Fear not, I’ve got the housework done, and the bed warm for you 🙂


  2. I’m sure your inbox has been both rammed and full on numerous ocasions, Miss Hybrid!

    (Where did I leave my coat?)

  3. Welcome Home Miss Hybrid! , after you’ve relaxed abit, I got the perfect treat for you…. my doll tongue dancing in and out of your hot arse ! Yes! m’mmm feel my tongue deep in your arse while I massage your clit into hardness, so it eventually gushes out the Queen cream I so love all into my waiting hot slut doll mouth! I want to feel you cum all over my lipstick painted mouth.

  4. Well Miss Hybrid, you just get hornier and hornier! He gets harder and harder…you sre sensational in those knee length stilts and the butt plug!!!

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