Todays update 28th Oct ……..butt plug and boots

I finally managed to get the video up…I have been very busy getting other things up…

Here is a still from the video and there is a frailer on my site. I hope you enjoy watching it. I get wet watching myself, now I know I love girls but it seems a bit weird getting turned on watching yourself ?

Comments please!

I cant believe I can balance on one leg in those boots, with a plug up my ass and still manage to work a big dildo up my pussy…

Miss Hybrid thigh boots butt plug

5 thoughts on “Todays update 28th Oct ……..butt plug and boots”

  1. Miss Hybrid,

    I can easily believe you can balance so easily….there’s no end to your talents. I watched the video….then I watched it again, and again, and again and….dammit, out of tissues …again!!


  2. You’re definitely a star….or is that just what I saw winking at me in the video??


  3. Our Hybrid is defintely our superstar……1BestBoy has it bang on….

    And she takes great pllllleeasssurrrrrrrree in each pic and clip…It is like watching the force of sex in action…..Hybrid is the perfect temptress and has teasing/lustful aura down to the finest detail…..
    Make that she was winking at both of us (clapping with devilish laughter)
    The Boot Plug is lodged in the hottest, ttttiiiiightttesttttttt bum ever created….. Loved the Vid Clip-lol….There is nothing Miss Hybrid cannot apply herself to do…and carry it out….
    She is a great superbabe and erotic goddess of the highest order there can possibly be….
    Hybrid raises the bar each time…..And the sweat pours from us with the sheer excitement of Hybrid doing it…..

    Now to ask the goddess herself -triple winks to the screen….
    “Ooooo goddess , who were you winking to by the way????????”
    Perfection kitten-lol…

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