I have just been caught wanking, again!

Very short version. I have just been out for an early morning cycle. I always try and wear someting to give passers by , motorists etc a nice cheer up sight for the morning. Usually I wear Lighthouse shorts by wicked Weasel as the ride up between my ass cheeks beautifully. After a few miles they are right up my pussy crack too. Today though I decided on a short skirt, tiny G string with a built in camel toe, again by WW and Tight little white top, no bra and big bouncing tits.

I had done a few miles on the road, making sure that the skirt was inadvertently exposing my knickers, front and rear. I had been hooted at a number of times, which is nice.

I was starting to feel even more horny than usual, my knickers were getting very wet but I was starting to be needing a wee. I turned into the country lane nearing the last stage of my ride, made sure no was around, then turned into the wood alongside the lane.

I went in a few yards so that I was out of sight and squatted down, pulled my wet knickers to the side and started to pee. I held my lips open and rubbed my very excited clit as I peed. It felt so hot and so good. The hot stream of pee was making my pussy feel even more sensative than usual. I decided I needed to have a propper wank and sat down then layed on my back, knees wide open. I put my left hand round hehind my leg and pulled my knickers right out of the way. I then used this hand to slip a finger into my arse.

I was going at my clit franticly when I was startled by a muffled cough. I looked forward through the gap in my knees and there was a man stood in full real tree camoflage stood leaning against a tree, at the most ten yards away.

“Oups, sorry” I spluttered, and removed my finger and started to jump up. “You may as well carry on now young lady” the hunter said, in such a lay back manner and voice. as though almost bored. “There is fuck all to shoot since you stampeded in here with your bike anyway. I couldnt believe you didnt see me, this new gear I bought must be really good”. With that he went back to looking to the rooftop of the trees, scanning for prey.

What a fucking bastard I thought he doesnt even want to watch me wank. Most men would have had there cock out and be trying to fuck me. Thats what has happened every other time I have been caught at it. “Carry on love, dont mind me,” he said, “its a shame to stop when you were so tuned on.” I thought, ha ha, I know your game, you are playing hard to get. So i decided to make it impossible for him to resist. I really wanted some cock now and I was getting frustrated by his dissinterest. I got up and moved to him and sat right at his feet. I went got in the position I was before and started to frigg myself off and finger my arse again. He glanced down and said “is that more comfortable”? “Much better” , I replied and carried on fucking myself.

To be continued x

One thought on “I have just been caught wanking, again!”

  1. How come I never see that kind of thing when I’m out walking the dog in the morning? I might have to start disguising myself as a tree!

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