What a pathetic little wanker

I got my ballcock replaced. the thieving little bastard wanted to charge me £70. I convinced him to accept a tit wank instead. I bet the little maggot had wished he had taken the money. Once I got him in my Dungeon he was having second thoughts. I stood on him with my heels. I made him kiss my boots and thighs. I kicked him in his balls, that made him squeal. I teased him for over an hour.

I did alow him to put his tiny cock between my tits and then bent over and shoved my arse back at him. I honestly believe he thought he was going to fuck me, he was desperate, but I was having none of it, well not for a £70 bill anyway.

His cock was bulging, rock hard and leaking a trail of pre-cum.

I made him wank off over my stockinged foot while I sat there bored. I then told the little wanker eat his come off my foot. After he had cum I rubbed my clit. I kidded him, telling him that if he could get it hard again he could cum in me. He was hard in seconds but I told him to get dressed and go away. I love sending cocky men away with a hard on.

I watched him leave on the CCTV and saw him stop on the lane where he thought no one would see and wank himself off in the car.

What a refresshing change to fuck a plumber. The best thing though is that I took a video of the whole sad event.   http://www.clips4sale.com/store/21987

Miss Hybrid dungeon

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