Jess (part 2)

Having totally failed to even have a close look at my faulty camera last time, Jess came back the following week to see if we could get to the bottom of the problem. She came around after work again, but this time had changed from her normal working attire. Instead of baggy jeans and top, she was wearing a black, mid-length pleated skirt and a close fitting white blouse, through which I could make the outlines of a black bra. I had promised her a good meal out if she managed to get the camera fixed, and she had come dressed for it. We went straight over to the dungeon to check out the camera. I had already organised a ladder for her and she asked me to hold it steady as she climbed it. Looking up, I see her black panties covering her arse. They seem a little shiny, possibly satin, but I can’t really tell from where I am. It takes Jess a mere couple of seconds with a small screwdriver before she announces that the problem has been fixed. A tiny fault with the camera moulding was preventing it turning completely. A deft poke with the sharp screwdriver was all it took to remove the offending piece of plastic and get the camera moving freely.

“All done”, she says.

“Wow”, I say, “that was quick”.

“I checked a tech forum I use and they came up with the possible problem and it looks like they were right”, she tells me as she climbs down a few rungs and then turns around on the ladder, which puts her crotch at my head height. She crouches slightly and lifts her skirt. It is then that I realise that the knickers are shiny because they are latex and that they are lacking a crotch. Without a word of warning she grabs my head and pulls it towards her just as a hot golden stream bursts from her cunt directly into my stunned open mouth. I drink her hot liquid down as fast as I can – it is either that or drown as she holds my mouth a couple of inches away from her gushing pussy with a strong grip on the hair on the back of my head. She is holding me just far enough away that, try as I might, I cannot get my tongue onto her. As her stream dies down, she pulls me hard against her piss covered gash.

“Lick me clean”, she orders as she clips a collar around my neck.

“Yes, Jess”, I answer.

I feel a sharp pain across my buttocks as she whips me with the lead from the collar.

“Mistress”, she hisses at me, “you call me Mistress, worm”.

“Yes, Mistress”, I answer, quickly, only to be treated to another sharp smack from the lead.

“Shut the fuck up”, she shouts, “and concentrate on cleaning that piss off me”

Well, this is a new side to Jess! I get the feeling that she may have been talking to “she who must be obeyed.”

It’s only fair, I suppose, that she takes charge this time. I get my tongue working on her thighs, my cock responding as I lick her legs. My slacks are tight over my expanding dick, constricting it most uncomfortably. I start to put a hand down my trousers to rearrange my tackle to a more comfortable position. Bad move. It is noticed.

“Leave yourself alone”, she orders as she yanks hard on the lead, pulling my head back and spits in my face. “You are here to pleasure me, not yourself”.

“Yes, Mistress”, I answer, chastised.

“Turn around”, she orders, and I hasten to obey.

She climbs off the ladder and shoves me in the back pushing me toward the bench in the centre of the room.


I quickly divest myself of my clothing and my grateful cock springs to attention.

“Now put these on”, she says, throwing me a pair of leather wrist cuffs and a matching pair of ankle cuffs. I quickly strap both sets on.

“Get on the bench”, she orders, “face up”

I do as I am told, and she quickly ties me in place with remarkable expertise.

“That hard on will not do”, she says as she slaps it, hard.

It stings like hell and she hits it again, backhand. My cock decides that full size is not a great idea after all, and starts to dwindle in size and solidity.

A cock cage appears, seemingly from nowhere and is locked in place over my shrinking member. A cock gag is then swiftly forced between my teeth. It is not quite long enough to have me gagging, but very close. The external phallus stands around 6 inches long and sends me cross-eyed as I look up at it. Jess lowers the head rest, which gives me an upside down view of the world. I watch her as she unhooks her skirt and drops it to the floor. This is quickly followed by her blouse, leaving her in a latex playsuit. As I pointed out before, it is crotchless. There is also a lack of material over her nipples, which have hardened and protrude excitedly.

“What do you think?”, she asks, “Do you like it?”

“Mmmmmpf”, I nod as much as I can.

“Good, I am glad”, she says coyly and disappears from view.

I lay there quietly for a good 5 minutes or so before I hear the clack, clack, clack of heels on the wooden floor. A long pair of shiny black thigh length, high heeled boots, laced up at the back, have been added to her ensemble. She is holding a riding crop which she is slapping into the palm of her hand. The smack of the crop echoes through the room, and my cock, which obviously does not know what is good for it, starts to expand once more, but finds itself limited by the constraints of the cage surrounding it. She approaches me slowly, rubbing the handle of the crop along the slit between her cunt lips. I can see that the whip has gained a sheen from her wetness. She straddles my head and guides the black cock that is strapped to my mouth slowly into her pussy.

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