Just a quick ass side….

I was in the wood yesterday, it was just getting dark…  I saw a poor man cowering against a tree….he had a tripod, camera and note pad. He looked absolutely petrified, like a piece of stone. I soon realised what the matter was when I heard a grunt behind me and I turned around. It was a lovely little piggy. So, without hesitation, I hesitated then gave it both barrels. (that made a nice change from me getting both)

I comforted the poor gibbering wreck of a man who said he was looking for a stone…he made no sense. ..He was very handsome ….  speaking a language I didn’t understand ……..I carried him home ,  dragging the poor little, now dead, piggy behind.

Later that night I had a lovely spit roast infront of the open log fire.

I will cook the piggy tomorrow.


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