What the fuck am I doing in the woods …day 5

I will write the full story in detail…a little later.

But, I will give you the start now….

I had only just arrived the day before at my new home…details of all the reasons are on my site, so I wont bore you…

This was in the early days before Lord B became a gibbering old wreck, having been struck down by a heart attack.

Anyway…it was just getting dark and he told me we were going out. He instructed me to put on underwear, boots and long coat only.

To be continued..

10 thoughts on “What the fuck am I doing in the woods …day 5”

  1. Dear Miss H
    I need some advice
    A little Pussy called Charlie Charles Charles sits on our doorstep all day long wanting to come in
    Should I
    a) give the pussy a stroke and let it in
    b) kick it upp the ass and off the step
    c) Wait until its freezes to the spot and use it as
    a boot scraper

    Yours Worried of Austria

  2. Well, I never turn pussy away especially if it turns up on my doorstep. The best thing to do is to let it in and keep it on your lap. Stroke it and give it cream, lots of it. This always keeps pussies happy! xxx

  3. Dear WAG,
    I say fuck the pussy.
    Don’t let it in. On the other hand you could do as Miss Hybrid says…..and stuff it.
    Be careful. very careful.
    make sure that all powder snow is bashed.


  4. 2BB
    I am getting a bit tired of you hitting on Miss Hybrid…. I know coming home with hair matted with spunk is all part of the pin selling business but this is ridiculous!

    Fur ball

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