Just for Mister Larsssss,

Nurse Hybrid has helped before, When 1BB friend tried to use the the race track tarmac as a pumice stone on his head.

This time I am here to help poor Mister Larses’s’s’s’s  knee.

He is in a lot of pain. Its swollen, stiff and he cant bend it at all. He is having trouble getting it under his desk.

His knee is quite uncomfortable too.


9 thoughts on “Just for Mister Larsssss,”

  1. Wow – thank you. There is now a very large smile on my face and a very large bulge elsewhere 😀

  2. Such a coincidence!… I had been feeling under the weather myself and so paid a visit to the doctor. After explaining my symptoms in great and elaborate detail, the wizened physician nodded his head sagely and diagnosed my malady –

    Chronic Hybridmania.

    So, under doctor’s strict and explicit orders, I applied the remedy…to whit, signing up as a member of your main site 😉

    It took one day to stumble across you. One day to become thoroughly ensorcelled by you. And only one day further to hold both me and my wallet happily captive.

    I look forward to my stay at your stately virtual manor.



  3. Lovely to have you in my manor mister Hellblazer.

    Thank you for the lovely message..I do hope you enjoy my site xx

    Miss Hybrid

  4. Oh no, I now have a 10 inch swelling nurse H. Can you help me, I think a good soothing rub could cure it and release the discharge.

  5. Hey Larss,

    I hope the knee is getting better. I have mixed news for you though….When Nurse Hybrid calls, the swelling will get MUCH worse…almost more than you can bear, but when she gets to work it will subside quite quickly (hopefully, not TOO quickly!) and the feeling of relief will be immense!

  6. O Hybrid makes a very sssssssseeeexxxyyyyyyyyy nurse doesn’t she lads???????-hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I mean as she is treating you…
    Your eyes survey the way how her nurse’s uniform hhhhhhhuuuuuugggggggggsssssssssss the hottest bode ever created . A Outfit so body hugging it shows up every sinsiliocous curve of her extremely volcanic bode (O yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-lol…)
    And then the part as she draws close to you and you can not help but notice that the zip which was just below the outline of Hybrid’s luscious breasts appears to be descending lower-lol….
    You have very erotic thoughts on Nurse Hybrid before well you exhaust all your will power to control yourself from embracing her

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