6 thoughts on “Look what I have put up!”

  1. Mister L

    Oh to be swollen and throbbing…..and how is your knee?

    You need a massage.

    Miss Nurse L

  2. thats much more than deep throating..that is deep swallow….i could go on talking bout swallowing or not dilema here for ages…

  3. O how I would have loved to meet up with Hybrid at the hotel while she was shooting this set-lol….
    There would be a huge queue in front of me I would have to wait for hours…
    Perfection Hybrid

  4. Forgot to mention:
    Hybrid, you are the Spirit of Filthy Friday. I loved the blend of figure hugging red dress on the outside with sheer black fishnet bodesuit underneath….
    Every blessed inch of you puts me into excatsy goddess-lol….
    I have to say if there were a queue outside the suite where Hybrid was shooting this set, I would jump it.

  5. dear Devil,

    Thank you for all these posts you have added. Lovely to see you back…but where have you been?

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