12 thoughts on “Just got back from a shooting break”

  1. OMG!!! Yes, I love it, can I come and nibble on it, and pull it out slowly with my teeth?? No need to look so shocked, I’ll be very gentle and take my time:-) I’ll lick the plate clean afterwards too…..yummy…What’s for dessert?? Who cares as long as it has the cherry on top 🙂 Actually, fuck dinner, I think I’ll go straight for dessert !!

    Love those boots too….how can you be perfect all the time?? Obviously you’re the lucky one…others aspire to what you do naturally 🙂


  2. p.s. just wanted to check, is it a good Marello, or just a common over ripe one??


  3. I agree with you Hybrid-lol…
    What aaaaaaaaaaaaaa vvvviiiiiiiiiiiiewwwwwww indeed-devilish winks And from a great spot too….
    Floor level looking up into Hybrid’s tilted bum/pussy arch with a very inviting breast revealed and the look on your face is priceless superbabe….
    The look of shock “You dirty boys what are ye at???????” But your eyes are asking
    “I like the feel of this grape betwwen my bum curves but I would much prefer that shaft of yours instead-So what are you waiting for??????????”-lol……
    I am cccccccomingggggg kitten-lol…

  4. That is true, Mr Rington. Even though I always say “I have never done this before” x

  5. The Devil in Miss Hybrid!

    Now you could ram that cherry up my arse, then use more to plug the gape.

    We could do a disgusting sweet of creamed on cherrys or pour brandy on and have cherry brandy x

  6. LOL,

    Well, fond as I am of desserts, particularly fond of Glace cherries, and washed down with a fine cognac, for some reason thats one Cherry I’m not so keen on….., normally the two seem to go well together, but these ones are so sickeningly sweet they just make me wanna……

    If you would like to try your last suggestion, I’ll buy some nice fresh ones and poke them in one by one with my tongue, and measure with my cock after each one til you’re full 🙂 then you could have your cherries with cream, but I’d rather not eat those ones 😉

  7. Guys….Miss Hybrid is flirting with the Devil-lol….Isn’t She?????????????-lol…Hybrid…..It would be my ppppppplllllllllllleasssssurrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee to send my erect shaft up your super tight bum cheeks with the cherry been sent on a journey……
    Yeah I will bring more cheerries to plug that llllussccccciuosssssssss gap-triple winks to the screen….
    Whichever sensous cocktails Hybrid commands-the creamed on cherries or the cheery bandy the Devil willl fulfil her fantasty and many others-lol….
    And you need not worry about the number of cheerries blocking the shaft number-lol….Hybrid has such a flexible bode her bum would absorb the cherries and some huge rigid cocks all in the one go-lol….

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