Lord B’s banker’s initial deposit (the first of many for him and one of many that I have accepted)

So I spent the whole morning dealing with my client Lord B’s estate. He was a demanding old bastard who was never happy with the results we were getting him as his private bankers. No one in the firm wanted to handle the account but given that he was worth quite a few pounds I always thought it was useful to put ratio over emotion. I did find out this morning though there was a positive note to the relationship.

When he walked in this morning he was followed in his footsteps by a beautiful dark haired woman who caught my eye immediately. Whilst he is approaching his 80th she could not be older than 25. The old fart had his personal gold digger, why was I not surprised? He sort of waived at her stating that she was his wife and could we please get on with it as he had better things to do that day then counting his money. I asked them to sit down which they did on the black leather sofa I had in my office.

We started going through the month’s progress on his net worth and I thought we did rather well with a 3% increase which was well ahead of the market. As I went through the numbers I managed to glance at the black beauty sitting opposite me who kept a straight face all through the meeting. She was wearing a long fur coat and long black leather gloves. I noticed she was wearing a big rock on one of the gloved fingers which I thought was peculiar. She was also wearing rather tight black leather trousers which were tucked into her boots. The boots were lace ups to just below her knees. I saw that underneath the fur coat she had a white blouse with a black leather belt. Did I mention she was stunning?

When we finished with the numbers which took about 20 minutes we all got up and I noticed a painful reminder of what I had been looking at in that my cock was pretty hard and stuck in an awkward way in my trousers. Fortunately they did not notice and I was glad in someway when they had left the office. Who would have thought that such an ugly old sod could score something as sexy as that. She had not uttered a word during the meeting but I could see she was fully aware of the financial position she was in. My guess would be that one shag and the old man would beat it. It would not be bad if he did so she would no doubt become my client.

I was going about my affairs that afternoon when suddenly my door opened and Black Beuaty walked in. She closed the door behind her and looked straight at me. She asked me with a strong yet satin voice if I had enjoyed that morning’s meeting. I was slightly taken by the moment and stumbled something like that her husband was not here. I must have looked like a complete prick. She said of course I know he is not here, he was having lunch at his club with his fellow geriatrics and after that he would fall asleep. So how much did you enjoy this morning’s meeting, she asked again. I started saying that I thought the numbers were looking fine and we were convinced to be able to …when she interrupted me. She told me to stop the nonsense as she had seen the bulge in my trousers. She also said she would have to tell Lord B about this when they were having diner later that night.

I thought that probably was not a good idea and started thinking how I could talk her out of that. She walked up close to me and when I started to rise frommy chair she pushed me back in and she told me that there was only one solution. She would take a deposit and that would then clear the matter. I told her I could not do that as it would be fraud to give away any of Lord B’s money. She laughed at me, put her gloved finger on mychest and told me I was stupid. It was not the sort of deposit she had in mind. She then grabbed my tie and pulled me up. I nearly lost my balance but managed to hold it just about enough to stay on my two feet. She pulled me close to her face and said: “The deposit will be white, liquid and fresh. And it will come out of your cock. Now!”.

She then let go of me and took off her fur coat. She dropped it on the floor and walked upto me. She proceded to untie my tie and she took it off. She unbuttoned the top of my shirt and then ripped it open causing the rest of the buttons to land on the floor. I started to object but she shut me up by placing her mouth on mine. Her tongue found mine and I could not help myself but to respond in kind. By then we were leaning over the edge of my desk which she cleared with her right hand in one swipe. She dragged me on her as she lay back on the desk.

I felt her hands releasing their grip and she grabbed my cock through my trousers. She said to me: “Hmmm, I can see it is still functioning…” and within second my trousers joint her coat on the floor. I took another good look at her as I got up to take my shoes off as I had suddenly refound my confidence. I started undoing the buttons on her shirt and halfway down I already saw the enormous tits she had. I took off her shirt and subsequently her bra and then I had a full view of the two most wonderful breasts I had ever seen. She told me not to waste time but to get going as she wanted my mouth on her nipples. I placed my hands on the sides of her tits and started to suck on her delicious nipples. She was making noises as if she was enjoying it so at least I was doing something right and I felt my cock was on full alert.

I continued to play with her tits for a few minutes whilst her gloved hands were on my back. I then pulled her up from my desk and started to take her trousers off. When I saw the zipper I suddenly realised it was one of those zippers that goes through the crack of your ass and as such split the trousers in two so they did not need to come off for me to fuck her. I undid the zipper and reached fr her cunt with my right hand whilst looking into her eyes. I told her I thought she was the most stunning woman but she told me to just shut up and get on with it. The woman clearly had a temper.

My hand felt a bunch of piercings which I started to play with whilst my mouth found hers again. I was hungry for that tongue still and whilst I continued my playing with her pierced clit she put her arms around me and kissed me back intensely. Her cunt was soaking wet and I had no problem slipping one, then two and then three fingers into her which seemed to motivate her to intensify the kissing.

I continued to play with her clit and went in and out of her cunt with my fingers and after a few minutes I noticed she was starting to slide out of my mouth and her head fell backwards. She started saying “yes, yes, yes” and seconds later she started shaking wildly and she let herself fall back on my desk. I thought that was it but then she looked up at me and said, “what the fuck are you waiting for slow git, fuck me!”. I then took my rather well erect cock and the dirty tart guided it in.

It was the best place ever. She was warm, she was soft. She was also very wet. As soon as I entered her she pulled me closer to her with her hands one my ass. I grabbed her leather clad legs and started to fuck her. It was really, really good and I only wished I could last but I knew I could not. I looked at her face, her dark eyes and glorious hair. I looked at her tits and those delicious nipples. I looked at her trousers besides me and I kept on shagging the daylight out of her. She fell back again and turned her head sideways and then I suddenly felt the sharp end of one of her stilettos against my ass. I must have managed another few seconds but when she she screamed another “YES!!” I could not keep from coming and I exploded in her and fell on top of her. She put her arms around me and squeezed the last drops of cum out of my cock with her thighs and pulled me close. She then said: “Consider this a first deposit. There will be many more.” My only thought was “yes please!”. What an amazing woman. Truly amazing.

7 thoughts on “Lord B’s banker’s initial deposit (the first of many for him and one of many that I have accepted)”

  1. It appears that despite the financial downturn, investment banking is still an interesting and rewarding career option!
    Care to handle a large deposit of mine, Miss H?

  2. hi miss hybrid-
    amazing. this scenario would make for an incredible video. i hope you will consider. obviously down to “the rock/gloves/fur”.

  3. Well what a typical Banker, He has a diamond studded, gold plated guaranteed investment opoprtunity and he’s too stupid to see it right away.I think he’d rather use someone else’s deposit and just sit back and let them do all the work for him, while he sits in the corner banking as usual 🙂

  4. OMG, the sauna, the sauna……I’m off for a cold shower!! :-0


  5. Sounds to me you appealed to her dark side-lol….
    Yes she wanted you (among the billions who lust for you already-triple winks) You played the game because you desired her too yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss??????-lol…..
    Financial deposits hey??????-lol….. And may I say a veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy erotic deposit perhaps more valuable than any money……Exploring the power of sex and its darkness-which I enjoy-lol……
    Bankers (pulling my hair-lol..) when will they ever learn ?????It is sexual power not financial power which makes the world go round……Okay we need the dosh too but without erotic desire, no sex. No sex, no fun……And Hybrid is having llllllloooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttsssssssssss oofffffffffffffff ffffffffunnnnnnnnnnnnn-lol….

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