I love riding

If any one has requests, please leave me a message……I am feeling extra horny latelyย  … so set me a challenge

Todays Blog update……….

You just cant beat having a good ride, especially in the right attire.

I keep a clean set, that has never been near a horse, for shopping/ days out at horse shows/ bedroom/ stable/ straw bale/ RangeRover/ back alley use.

I dont know why but boots, johdpurs, jacket, white shirt and tie and gloves seems to be able to get even very old men to attention.

Sometimes Mummy and I wear identical outfits when we go to shows, as a tease.

Mummy is such a tart though. She embarrasses me, particularly after she has had a drink.

She gets a bit pissed off though if her latest young stud is watching me as he fucks her x

We often try each others conquests out but she prefers virile young men and I would rather have withered old bastards.

I will write about it if anyone is interested?

Anyway, got to go.


Miss Hybrid


14 thoughts on “I love riding”

  1. I can only agree, you have to dress properly if you’re going out for a ride…preferably high heeled boots, and a smile (spurs optional….if you want me to speed up or slow down) I know you like to be in control, whether it’s half a ton of horseflesh, or 300lbs of throbbing metal you have between your legs……Mmmmm, now how about that skintight leather outfit and boots??

    Then mummy can get jealous as she watches you for a change ๐Ÿ™‚ Luckily I’m a withered old bastard so my luck might be in ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’m not a withered old bastard yet but I fancy you might be able to clock up some mileage on my cock if you could wangle it out.

    Methinks if you were to pour custard down my crack and insert your favourite strap on we could cum to some arrangement. Who knows – perhaps Mummy might like to take my load in her fulsome mouth.

    And with cream jodhpurs (naturally) on I’d love to hear what you’d get up to next.

    Yours strokingly,
    James xx

  3. You’ve got me at erect attention.
    Want to hear more about you and mummy.
    With your outfits on, of course.

  4. Mmmm, I love your new photoset, It would be Grand, but you have me Upright, so I suppose they key is G String….with no hair !! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I had a lovely pair of thighbootys but my dogs got jealous and chewed the fuckers up…………I could say where they came from………but hey it doesnt matter now

  6. LOL, only fit for trash now then! Never mind, I’ll buy an even better pair


  7. The dog obviously sensed something was a Miss ๐Ÿ˜‰

    MAybe the boots weren’t the real deal….faux leather perhaps?? Better to stick with what you can trust!!


  8. No they were just moldy old worn out fuckers . they thought they had something to offer but were not appealing, a bit 1970’s darling. I know where they come from and exactly where they are heading.

  9. What a vveryy intrigggguuing story-triple winks to the screen…..
    Fair dues to your mother Hybrid-lol….She sounds to me to be a vvverrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy super sexy super goddess….No doubt you inherited your sexual aura and dark side from her, Hybrid.-smiling devilishly….
    Like Mother Goddess , Like Daughter Goddess …The perfect team exploring those sexual tides…..The thought tuuurnsss me on big time-lol….
    Yes I want to hear more goddess. You have my complete erecttttion….And yes, it is standing to attttention……
    Super hot pic above too by the way-lol…

  10. l can just imagine you wanking some withered old cock with your other gloved hand whilst you watch your mother take a young stallion in hand!

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