Keeping it up all day long

Remember, remember the 5th of November. Well that was a wild day. It started off quite normally. I went down to the kitchen to get my tea and took it back to the office. I was supposed to start on the newsletter, but hadn’t quite got around to it, with some accounts still to close off. I settled in for the morning and got to work. A break for another cuppa took me back to the kitchen a little later. I suppose I should have realised that something was wrong when I noticed Michelle and Jill giggling over something as Jill was leaving the kitchen with a tray of steaming mugs – tea and coffee for the lads, I assumed. As I enter the kitchen, Michelle, with a wry smile, offers to make the tea for me. I, of course, accept and sit down at the table by the window. I watch her as she bends down to the bottom cupboard, her short blue pleated skirt rising up over her stocking tops and giving me a tantalising glimpse of her pink thong. She straightens up holding a cup and saucer. A quick rinse with hot water warms the cup before she puts in the milk and tops the cup with tea.

“Here you are, Felix”, she says, holding out the cup.

“Thank you”, I respond, “see you later”.

I take hold of the saucer, on which Michelle has placed a couple of chocolate biscuits, and take it back to my office.

About half an hour later, Jane sticks her head around the door.

“Are you busy, Felix”, she enquires, “or are you looking at porn again”.

“Bloody cheek”, I say, “of course I’m busy, but come in anyway. What can I help you with”.

“Oh, nothing really”, she says innocently as she enters the room, “I just wanted to see how you were getting on”.

Not something she usually does, and this, perhaps, should have rung some more alarm bells, especially when I clock what she is wearing.

Her tiny black pleated skirt barely reaches the bottom of her bottom. White thigh high boots don’t quite cover the hold ups and the red basque that is taking the role of top squeezes in her waist and enhances her cleavage, the tops of her areola presenting themselves over the edge of the cups.

My jaw just about bruises my chest as she walks in. She looks amazing, and it has an immediate effect on my rod, which rapidly gives her a standing ovation.

“What do you think, Felix”, she says, lifting the front of her skirt to expose the tiny satin panties which barely over her slit.

All the blood having rushed from my head to accumulate into my dick, all I can manage is a dumb sounding. “Bloody hell”

“You like it then”, she insists, slipping a finger into her panties, and rubbing herself gently.

“Blood hell”, is all that I manage to get out of my lips.

“Excellent”, she says, extracting her finger and placing it on my lips.

I instinctively open my mouth and suck her juices from it.

“See you later then”, she says as she turns away from me and makes her exit.

“Bloody hell”, I say to myself. “What got into her”.

I shake my head and turn back to the spreadsheet that I have open, but am unable to focus properly. My erection pulsating in my pants, I push down on it, willing it to go so that I can continue with my work, but all in vain. I try to concentrate on the figures in front of me, but it’s just impossible, so I pick up my tea cup and wander back to the kitchen, somewhat uncomfortably as my boner fails to dissipate. Just as I get to the top of the corridor, I see Andy, who puts his hands over his crotch as soon as he sees me.

“Problem, Andy”, I ask innocently.

“Not as such”, is his reply, “but I do have a trouser tent that won’t go down. I saw Jill about 10 minutes ago, wearing, to be honest, not very much. Just a black see through teddie, heels and stockings. My cock reacted and has remained in that position ever since”

“Hmmm. I just saw Jane in what can only be described as a street walkers outfit and it appears to have had the same affect”, I tell him, indicating the bulge in my trousers. “Come to think of it, Michelle was wearing slightly more erotic clothing than usual”.

We continue on to the kitchen together, where we find Jack and Stefan sporting trouser tents as well.

“Jane”, is all I say indicating my erection.

“Jill”, quips Andy

“Simone”, says Jack.

“Katie”, admits Stefan

“It seems that we may have been dosed with something, lads”, I say.

I pull open the bin drawer below the sink and extract a Kamagra Jelly box.

“Aha”, I exclaim, displaying my prize, “I think I may just have found the explanation”

“Well, I think that we should withhold our services from them, just to prove a point. They can’t just go around turning us on and off like a vibrator”, says Jack.

We all agree to ignore the sexual advances of the girls for the next 4 hours or so, which is how long the effects should last.

“Someone tell Tony if you see him”, I say as I go back to my office with an uncompromised cup of tea.

I sit back down at my desk readjusting my cock as I do so.

Suddenly, I feel a hand on my crotch which expertly unzips my fly and extracts my member. Before I can object, a warm mouth has swallowed me and is tonging my bollocks. I lean back to see who it is and discover Miss Hybrids step daughter, Penelope. Her brown eyes look up at me, just starting to water as she chokes herself on my hardness.

Continued in Miss Hybrid’s Place xx

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