Last nights dream

I think I may need to see a trick cyclist. I am having some very weird dreams at the moment. I wake up fisting myself and I don’t think that is normal.

I described the dream to my Friend and this is his interpretation.

A bit too realistic, if you ask me x

Miss Hybrid boots

16 thoughts on “Last nights dream”

  1. Well well…I finally found it!!!
    And what do i see??? Double penetration!!!!
    A pair of Demon wankers Giving my dear miss Hybrid a nice time…I must say its quite diabolique!!

  2. Now honestly my that a nightmare or a dream?? a wet one that is….

    P.S. The wings on the demons does give them a Bat kinda look…next thing you know Batman will be fucking you…on your dreams that is…
    A real shame i am more into the Iron-MAn..I love leslie bibb…

  3. Funny that, it’s very similar to my dreams…..can you recommend a solution??? The only difference is that I don’t fist myself….but I do have problems rolling over in my sleep when I’m dreaming of you! I am a bit of a horny devil I suppose 🙂


  4. I have to apologize to Miss Hybrid for taking so long to comment in her blog. She has some wild adventures and you never know what might happen next which is terrific. Her friend Riccardo does a fantastic job of capturing her interesting encounters in his artwork.

  5. Dear Mr PointyHead, Its a pleasure to have you on my blog. Thank you for the fantastic support over the last two months and also for creating the Yahoo fan club for me xxx

  6. I’m glad to hear that an intellectual beauty such as yourself should never go unsatisfied.

  7. Thank you everyone.

    I am so pleased that some of my friends from FreeOnes are commenting on here too. Lars,D_J, Tony, CEL Ed, DDVICVV and Mr Vern,

    They helped me so much in my recent attempt at the Miss FO…I made a dick of myself despite, constant support from the above

  8. I love the drawing above .It captures Hybrid’s power over the horny legions of the Underworld perfectly And the dream I sent to her-lol…
    Ahhhhhh yes Hybrid is my favourite superbabe .
    The demons embracing Hybrid in a passionate bind working her succulent bum and tight pussy with rock hard shafts in a relentless double pentration position. But Hybrid herself is a relentless minx. She wants more and more……………and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooooorrrrrreeeeeeeee-lol… So it is not just the two lads above that have been playing with Hybrid. There are far more devils and demons that have been serving her….
    I always look after my Hybrid-triple winks to the screen. Even when I am not posting here, I am sending her erotic thoughts …Good girl Hybrid

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