2 thoughts on “Thank you everyone for the fantastic comments.”

  1. The sales girl in the lucky jeans store is flirting with me. She puts het fingers inside the jeans to see if they are too loose. Is that a come on? Will she notice is I start to get hard? Should I pull her back into the changing room? As a properly slutty lady, is this they type of thing you would do if you wanted a guy to jump you?

  2. my comment is short but sincere- U R lovely-
    Hope all the work required 2 share yourself with us is giving you more than the monetary rewards that come with cumming on film-I luv the images –but– like the man said—To see is one thing–to Smell/Touch and Taste thatis the Real Thing–I think he was talking about pictures of food in a cookbook-
    Luv U — scott

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