Lucy, Penny and Holly too

Penelope has a friend of hers over for a couple of days. I know that the two of them are up to something, as they have a tendency to giggle and whisper together whenever they see me. Not that I would mind if something were to transpire, as Holly is a bit of a cracker. She has a cascade of wavy yellow blonde hair running down to her just below her ample bust line and her dress sense could make a statue blush. It certainly has given me something new to fantasise about.

I was just browsing the CCTV cameras when I came across the two of them giving Lucy a helping hand in the library. (I say library, but it is really a balcony floor above the sitting room where Miss H keeps most of her erotica). Lucy was standing on a chair struggling with the Christmas decorations that she was taking down, when Penelope and Holly came in. They are both wearing t-shirts and short skirts. I say skirts, but I have seen wider belts. Holly bends down slightly to get a better view up Lucy’s short uniform before they ask if they can help, treating me to a lovely view of her nice round behind. I notice Holly put a hand on Lucy’s stockinged leg around the knee and then slowly slide it up onto her bottom. Lucy looks down and smiles. I zoom in and get a hard on as Penelope, too, slides a hand up Lucy’s leg to her other buttock, and then lifts Lucy’s skirt with her other hand. Lucy leans forward slightly sticking out her bum, her red g-string just visible, nestling between her buttocks. Penelope and Holly move their hands to the little patch of red and stroke it, both of them starting to flutter kisses on Lucy’s smooth behind. When they meet in the middle, their tongues snake out and they taste each other. Penelope slips a finger under the panty string and pulls it to the side. I can see the glistening moistness of Lucy’s rapidly dampening pussy. Holly rubs a finger along Lucy’s slit and offers it to Penelope to suck off the juices. Penelope takes Holly’s hand and looking directly at the CCTV camera (the bloody thing is supposed to be hidden – only Me, Jane and Miss Hybrid are supposed to know where they are) she sucks on the extended digit and winks. I nearly cum there and then with the surprise of it, but quickly unfasten my trousers and pull my little pink wicked weasel to the side to free up my stiff sausage and relieve a   little pressure.

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