Miss Hybrid and Katie going to the castle and causing havoc.

Miss Hybrid has sent withered old Lord B to the health spa for a few days. I wouldn’t  go as far as to say that she managed to convinced him it would do him good.  He did, begrudgingly agree.

She watched the cctv as each camera showed in sequence his route to the main gates. The moment the gates closed behind him, she turned to me and said, “Felix, we are going to Scotland for a few days.”

With that, she trotted upstairs, returning in seconds with Katie and lots of cases.

Katie was wearing ridiculous heels, the shortest little dress, it didn’t even cover the tops of her stockings. She was smiling broadly, almost smirking.

Miss H was wearing her long fur coat, I could only imagine what else. Then as the coat swirled open, I got the briefest glimpse of black leather thighboots and black knickers, made of leather I think. Then the coat blocked my view again.

“Felix, remember those nice boys I stayed in the castle with, on the shooting trip?” she asked.

“Yes, I remember the state of you both on your return, very well” I mumbled.

“Well they are sending their driver  to collect us, for a few days in the castle”

“Oh great, I will pack quickly” I said excitedly.

“Er, no, not you stupid, you are staying here. You will be in-charge”

Miss Hybrids phone rang. After a very brief  “ok we will let you in” conversation the call was ended.

Katie ran to activate the electric gates as Miss Hybrid made her way outside.

“Come on, bring the cases” she shouted to me, without even bothering to look back.

The Black Range-rover swept into view. The windows were security tinted so I could not see in. Miss Hybrid told me to put the bags in the back  load space. I opened the tail gate. The interior of the car was as immaculate as the exterior, spotless. The  driver never even acknowledged me. He was wearing a chauffeurs hat jacket  and black leather gloves. I could see his expressionless face in the rear view mirror, his eyes hidden by dark glasses.

“Come on Felix, hurry up”! Miss Hybrid shouted. “Yes, hurry up Felix” Katie added, giggling.

Katie jumped into the back seat, dress up and showing her magnificent arse. Miss Hybrid climbed in from the other side, shut the door and they were gone.

I watched them exit the gates on the cctv and then said to myself,” I think I will have a nice cup of tea, before I go and rummage about on Miss Hybrids computer”


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  1. I bet the computer is not the only place you will be rummaging about 😉 *sniff sniff*

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