Miss Hybrid can be very, very cruel

So last week was spent wearing a maid’s uniform with a rabbit tail butt plug up my jacksie. I was pleased to see the back of that until I saw another package on my desk on Monday morning. There was a note attached which read…

Dear Felix,

Once again you have fucked up the simple task of sending out a few emails. This does not make me look good, so I am returning the favour. In the box on your desk you will find your attire for this week. Maybe, one of these days, you could actually get something right for a change and you can go back to wearing a suit, but I’m not holding my breath.

Miss Hybrid.

I open up the package, dreading what I am going to find. Oh, no. As if the maid’s outfit was not bad enough. I can see a school blazer on top and get an inkling of what the rest is going to be. The blazer is put to one side and I pull out the next item, a white shirt. Okay, not too bad so far. A pair of grey shorts is next, a school tie follows, cap, grey socks and a pair of black brogues.



Well at least it’s better than schoolgirl.

There’s another note at the bottom of the package.

Dear Felix,

A few points –

1) The top button of your shirt must be fastened.

2) Your tie is to be done in a proper Windsor knot and properly fastened.

3) Your shirt must be tucked in at all times.

4) Your cap must be worn at all times.

5) You are to go commando whilst wearing your uniform.

Contravention of any of the above will have severe repercussions.

Miss Hybrid

“That doesn’t seem so bad”, I think to myself as I undress, only to rethink that as I pull on the course grey woollen shorts. They feel as if they are made of straw, prickly and uncomfortable. Now I understand why the commando command.

I know I have some meetings this week, and I know that I can’t put them off either. The potential new housekeeper I have already postponed until this week because of the maid’s uniform. Damn, I’ll just have to see her anyway. Make out that this is just some sort of joke or a red nose day stunt or something. A reminder pops up on my computer just as I finish dressing.

“Meeting with Ms Killian re: Housekeeping”

Shit! It’s today, in fact, in about 15 minutes time. Well that’s torn it. There is no chance of me cancelling the meeting. She will be almost here by now. I click OK and push back my chair to get up. A cup of tea is required, so a quick journey to the Kitchen is called for. I stick my head around my door to check that the coast is clear and then make a dash for the kitchen, hoping not to get seen by anyone on my way there.

I make it to the kitchen without being spotted, only to find the cook preparing lunch.

“Hello, Felix”, she says, “in trouble again this week, I see. Do we get to see your legs again all week?”

“Hi Simone. Yes – buggered up emailing out the newsletter last week. Any chance of a cuppa?”

“No problem, you go back to your office, I’ll get Jilly to bring it through for you”

“NO, NO, I’ll wait, thank you”. I say in a panic. I really don’t want the ridicule just at the moment.

Once the kettle’s boiled and the tea’s been brewed, Simone passes me a cup and a couple of chocolate digestives on the saucer.

“Thanks, Simone, you’re a doll”, I say as I leave for my office.

“My pleasure”, she says, “any time, especially if you’re going to be showing off your legs”

I check my watch as I sit down to enjoy my tea and biscuits. Two minutes before Ms Killian is due.

My door flies open and Miss Hybrid enters. She is wearing a ladies business suit. The grey pin-striped pencil skirt is slit right up the back and shows her stocking tops, a crisp pale pink blouse is covered by the well tailored jacket which has its single button fastened. A black velvet choker with a silver medallion festoons her neck.  She barely glances in my direction as she takes a seat.

“I will be sitting in on the interview, Felix. I don’t want you fucking up again and employing some brainless tart”

“Yes, Miss  Hybrid”.

There is a knock on the door, and Ms Killian is shown in. She is a very striking looking woman in her early thirties, above average height (I’d put her at around 5’9”, but is hard to tell with her high heels), auburn hair tied in a bun, pale skin with freckles across her face. She has on a very sensible grey knee length skirt, and a mauve blouse buttoned to the neck. Her calves show that she is wearing either tights or stockings, but it is not possible to determine which. A pair of wire rimmed glasses sits on her nose, which she pushes up as she enters the room, hand held out to shake mine. She does a double take as I stand up and her hand drops slightly.

“Felix”, I say as I grasp her hand, “I apologise for my attire. I err, um,”. I pause as I look over at Miss Hybrid. “And this is my employer Miss Hybrid”.

“Jane Killian. Please call me Jane”, she says and offers her hand to Miss H, who takes it and they shake.

“Hello Jane. Please take a seat”, says Miss H. “Felix is being punished due to certain transgressions which I will not go into now, and I have had him dress as a schoolboy to remind him to behave. It doesn’t bother you does it?”, she asks.

The hint of a smile appears, “No, no, not at all. Good discipline is absolutely vital in a household.”

I don’t like the way that this is going. She looks far too at ease.

Miss H leans forward towards Jane, revealing her rather majestic cleavage.

“What experience do you have in running a household?”

Jane’s eyes flick down to Miss H’s tits and then quickly back up to her eyes.

“I have a number of references”, she says, digging out a sheath of papers from her briefcase and handing them over.

Miss H picks them up and leafs through them quickly. She crosses her legs, flashing her stocking tops. Again, Jane glances down, the tip of her tongue appears for a moment and she smoothes down her skirt against her thighs.

“Very good”, praises Miss H, “These look excellent”

She pushes her glasses back up her nose, leans back and unfastens the single button on her suit jacket. I can feel the sexual tension between them.

“I like what I see”, she says, a little ambiguously as she hands back the papers and licks her lips. “Do you have any questions for us?”

“Yes”, she says as she nods towards me, “what’s he for?”

“Felix is useful around the place, especially when he doesn’t make a pig’s ear of things. He does work hard, I’ll give him that. He has a very experienced tongue, and is pretty handy with his cock too”.

I’ll give her her due, she didn’t even flinch. She turns slowly towards me looks me up and down and turns back to Miss H.

“If I were to get the position, would I be able to make use of the riding facilities here?”, asks Jane.

“Of course. Any and all of the riding facilities are free for you to use. I take very good care of my staff. Don’t I, Felix?”, she says rather pointedly.

“Yes, Miss Hybrid”, I reply. “Very good care, Miss”

“Stand up please, Jane. I’d like to take a proper look at you”

Jane stands and turns all the way around slowly on her heels and then stops facing Miss H.

“Very good. Now unbutton your blouse”

Jane follows her instructions and slowly unfastens the buttons. The last button undone, the shirt falls open to reveal a purple half cup bra, gently presenting her full breasts and just the top of her nipples showing.

Miss H steps forward and cups Jane’s tits, getting a feel for the weight and shape before slipping the cups down and gently taking one of her nipples into her mouth. My hands slip under the desk as I watch and start to stroke my rapidly growing cock through the rough wool of my shorts. Miss H looks up suddenly.


“Yes Miss, sorry, Miss Hybrid”. I quickly put my hands palms down on the desk as I squirm, trying to get comfortable with the prickly fabric playing havoc with my prick.

I stop squirming and try to stay as still as possible.

Continued in Miss Hybrids Members Diary

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