Miss Hybrid helping to erect the scaffolders

As you probably know, the weathervane broke in the high winds and rain that we had the other day. The Pegasus broke in half, leaving just a horse’s arse to tell us which way the wind was blowing (as if we couldn’t tell by the direction that the trees were flying). The top half caused some damage on the way down too, so we have had to get the scaffolders in to enable the roof to be fixed as well as getting a new weathervane in place. They are a bloody noisy lot those scaffolders, no machinery, but lots of clanking of metal scaffolding poles and shouting to each other makes it rather difficult to concentrate on the more mundane paperwork that needs to be done around here. I know that you all think that my life consists of following Miss Hybrid around snapping pictures whenever I can or having sex with the rest of the staff and Miss Hybrid herself. Well, this does take up some of my time, but I also do a lot to keep the place running as well, as that is what I am actually employed to do. Anyway, you can tell when they go on a break as it suddenly gets very quiet for while. I’ll give them their due though, they do get on with the job pretty quickly. They managed to finish up and had left by three. They rang the bell, once they had done, looking for Miss Hybrid to check that they had done what was required, but she was busy, so I popped out to have a look myself. I have no idea whether or not the scaffolding looks safe, or is in the right place. It seemed to be, but I told them to come back the following day, when Miss Hybrid was not quite so tied up and she could inspect the work with them then.

The three lads came back the next morning and I asked Jilly to go and find Miss Hybrid to let her know that they had arrived. Meanwhile I went outside with the lads and strolled with them slowly over to the erected scaffolding.

“Can I organise some tea for you, while you’re waiting”, I ask, just to break the awkward silence.

“Cheers, yes, thanks. White with three please”, answers the tall one who seems to answer to the name Spider. He is at least 3 inches taller than me, putting him at 6’3” or so, with tattoo’s covering both arms like sleeves and running up his neck. His head is covered with a fine layer of buzz cut blonde hair.

“Same for me, please mate”. This from the more muscular Bennie.

“No sugar in mine, ta”, requests Pete. Pete, whilst the shortest of the three, still tops 5’10”, so is not exactly short. All of them are well bronzed from working outdoors most of the time.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll get that sorted for you”, I say, and head towards the kitchen door.

Miss Hybrid is just appearing from that direction as I approach the door. She has on a short yellow strapless summer dress and a pair of flat shoes, which is unusual for her.

“What are you hanging about for”, she asks me.

“Just organising some tea for the lads”, I say, indicating the waiting scaffolders.

“Hmm”, she grunts, seemingly satisfied with my answers and heads on over to the scaffolding.

I turn to watch her go, and cannot help but notice the small wet patch on her dress, in the middle, just below her arse, the fact that her legs are outlined clearly by the light through her dress, and that she is knickerless.

I shrug and enter the kitchen, where Jilly has just switched on the kettle.

“Jilly, could you do three teas for the scaffolders please. All with milk, two with three sugars and one without. Actually, make that four, I’m parched”. With that I flop down on to the table by the window.

“Okay, Felix”, she replies, stretches up for four more mugs from the cupboard, which reveals a hint of buttock under her skirt, and deftly pops a teabag in each one before sitting down next to me to wait for the kettle to boil.

I watch Miss Hybrid as she approaches the tower of metal tubes and wooden planks, pointing at the top. Spider is pointing things out, while Bennie and Pete, standing slightly further back, are concentrating more on Miss Hybrids arse. Spider says something to the other two. They look up at him and then hurry over to the scaffolding, where they climb up to the first stage. Spider holds the ladder for Hiss Hybrid to ascend, which she does, taking her time about it, making sure that Spider gets a good look, and taking an extra large step as she reaches the top of the ladder. Bennie and Pete climb up the next stage, oblivious of what Spider has just witnessed, to show Miss H where she should climb. Spider surreptitiously sticks his hand down his jeans and rearranges himself, whilst Miss Hybrid slowly makes her way, stage by stage to the top of the scaffold. She has a look around and then indicates that Bennie and Pete should lead the way back down. Bennie glances upwards and nearly lets go of the ladder. Miss Hybrid is almost within sniffing distance, and he hardly notices when he reaches the bottom of the ladder. By the time that they have all reached the ground once more, all three of the guys are looking rather uncomfortable in the trouser department. Miss Hybrid, in her inimitable fashion, brushes her hand against Bennie and Pete’s flies before stroking Spiders obvious hard-on through his trousers.

Jilly and I continue to stare out of the window, watching the tableaux as it unfolds.

Miss Hybrid says something, and Bennie and Pete quickly unzip themselves while Miss Hybrid kneels down, unbuckles Spider’s belt, pulls down his zipper first and then his jeans and underwear together. His impressive cock stands proud, and Miss Hybrid wastes no time in slipping the end into her mouth.

Continued in Miss Hybrid members area …….

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