Miss Hybrid is giving it away at Christmas….again.

Well not exactly. As you all know, I love giving it away but hey I want some commitment too.

Here is my idea…..everyone that joins my site for 90 days on Christmas day or Boxing day, (the day ends, according to CCbill, at 7am uk time) I will extend their membership by one month for free (120 days for the price of 90).

The extra 30 days will be added by me manually, as its not worth changing the join page CCbill thing for 2 days  xx

Too much Chablis xxx

I hope you enjoy it xx

2 thoughts on “Miss Hybrid is giving it away at Christmas….again.”

  1. this is a great idea i am ready for the deal this is a happy christmas you are a real goddess for me Milady xxx ps(sorry for my english)

  2. French boy,

    I am pleased you liked my pressie of the exta time..I hope you are enjoying the site xxxx


    Miss Hybrid

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