Stuffing a bird

My cook has phoned in to say she cant make it.. supposedly poorly.

It sounded to me like she was getting a good pounding though.

Anyway, I will have to do a stint in the kitchen. Its Christmas Day and I need to cook lunch for the remaining staff, Lord B, and a few of his old friends.

A few questions.

Should I stuff it from both ends?

Roast or mash potatoes?

Gravy… is that made?

What temperature and for how long?

What time is it ok to open the wine?

Miss Hybrid xx

8 thoughts on “Stuffing a bird”

  1. Hmm, so many questions at once!

    OK, it all depends on the bird. Personally I prefer to do all the stuffing myself, both ends if required, and which end you start at is a matter of personal preference. However, sometimes it can be difficult, and you may need assistance, so your partner can stuff one end while you stuff the other, again a matter of personal choice, although it is acceptable to swap ends at some stage!

    Potatoes? Optional really, but not my first choice for roasting 🙂

    If you keep working on the stuffing, the gravy should cum by itself eventually, although on some occasions you might need a bit of manual assistance to whip it up to a nice smooth texture….you don’t really want it too lumpy!

    Temperature depends on where you’re planning to eat…..just don’t get too close to the fire, and have lots of napkins or tissues nearby….it saves a lot of time cleaning up the mess later…..although you can always leave it for Katie as she’s obviously doing her own stuffing today, so she will be well practiced!

    And the answer to the last question is first!! You should really have opened a nice bottle of chablis before even thinking about any of the above, it can help to relax you and get you in the mood for the days exertions, then if you end up with mashed turkey and stuffed potatoes who cares?? 🙂

    Once it’s all done you can sit around the fire with some roast chestnuts….or any other type that may be to hand!!

    Hope it all gets roasted to perfection, and you have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS


  2. Number 2

    Thats excellent I have my Great Dane helping me in the kitchen. He is always trying to help…it can be off putting if his nose gets in the way while stuffing.

    I got my stocking filled this morning and pulled a cracker yesterday. She is in the hammock infront of the fire and she cant wait for roasting.

    I will let you know how getting mashed goes.

    Kisses Miss Hybrid.

    Ps Felix is in love xxx

  3. LOL, yes a cold nose in the wrong place at the wrong time can be off putting !!!

    Lucky you, see, you must have been a good girl after all, Santa came for you 🙂

    Lucky Felix, but how does the Great Dane feel about it :-))


  4. escuse me Miss Hybrid you are not a great cooking but you are a great cook,really sorry for my English,i am really a stupid boy my Princess LOL

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